Sunday, May 5, 2019

Natural Make Up Tips

Natural Make Up 

Make up is important in enhancing our natural beauty and bringing out our best features however make up should be applied in moderation and the make up used should suit the individual. 

Too much make up may make you end up looking like a clown it is therefore very important that when you are doing make up you have to put a few factors into consideration. Among the factors include what you are going to dress in, the color of your eyes and the weather. You may however want to maintain a natural look. 
This is the look where you appear natural with no make up on. As a result of this unique preference we have natural make up tips for you.

First and most important is to perfect your skin. 
This is important so as to ensure that the make up you are going to apply blends in easily with your skin. It is recommended that you first of all wash your face with a recommended cleanser and rub it with a cloth. 

This will also help eliminate dead skin and also help open up the pores on your skin and improve circulation in turn.

Apart from cleansing your face before applying make up there are also other natural make up tips you can use. 

One tip commonly used is gently dabbing a sponge on your face after applying make up. This will help prevent your face from looking as if the make up is caked on. Another tip has to do with your choice of foundation. To attain a natural look it is recommended that you go for a foundation that matches your skin tone. 

This blending will go a long way towards ensuring your skin looks natural.

Another tip you can use when applying make up so that you get a natural look is to use a brush when applying your bronzer instead of using the applicator that comes with it. 

The applicator will tend to leave your skin looking botched instead of smooth and even.

Other beauty experts recommend not wearing any foundation before applying make up. This is supposed to make your skin look a lot softer, prettier and much moiré natural. You should also be careful when lining your eyes. 

Experts recommend that you avoid at all costs lining the bottom of your eyes. This will kill the natural look and you will obviously look like you have make up on. 
Still on the eyeliners, it is recommended you avoid black eye liner and instead go for brown eye liner

You are also advised to use particular colors to achieve a natural look. Most highly recommended is a light pink or brown blush. 
All in all in despite the many natural make up tips available at the end of the day it will come down to using the right type of make up, in the right quantity and applying it the right way as recommended by experts. 

Getting the natural look may be a bit hard in many cases and will take a lot of time and patience.

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