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Makeup Ideas for Women over 50

Makeup Ideas for Women over 50

Being over 50 does not mean that you cannot look and feel your very best at any time. As we age our faces change. 

Our eyes become a little droopy and our skin dries out a little bit but these issues can easily be disguised with the right makeup. All you need is some good makeup and the right technique.

Must Haves

As a lady over 50 you have to have the right makeup to really help you look your best. 
There are some items that you absolutely need to get the best look.
- Skin brightener
- A good moisturizer
- Highlighter
- Mascara
- Blush
- Eye lift serum

There are two rules you have to remember. Healthy skin is beautiful skin and you can work with what you got. A lot of women make the mistake of thinking that because they have a few things different with their skin. 

You can improve on what you got.

Start with a clean palette. Clean your skin thoroughly every day but not with harsh soaps. Instead use a moisturizing cleanser. Be sure to moisturize your skin day and night. You also want to use an eye lift serum as well. In most cases it is not the makeup but what you do to your skin before the makeup.
You should also be using a skin brightener to give your skin a bit of a glow. 

You can make dry dull skin look brighter and healthier with a quality skin brightening cream. If you use the skin brightener you may be able to forgo the foundation.

The goal at any age is to use less makeup and still look great. Apply highlighter right above your eyebrows because it will give your eyes a lift. Add some highlighter right under your eyes. This will give your eyes a more wide open look.

Trick With Mascara

To give your eyes a fresh young look apply mascara to the outer lashes of your eyes first and work your way in using less mascara toward your inner eye. 
You can lengthen the outer lashes just a little more than the inner lashes to give the effect of pulling up your eye lid.

Contouring With Just Blush

You do not need an elaborate system to contour your face. Use your highlighter right under your cheek bone and blend well. 
Than use a light blush right on your cheek bones. This will lift your cheeks and give you a younger appearance.

Highlighted Looks – Or Fake Beauty? The Plastic Surgery Question

Highlighted Looks

All you have to do is pick up any beauty magazine to see how people feel about plastic surgery. There is always some news about a celebrity’s “new look” thanks to plastic surgery. 

There are a few things that everyone should consider when they are considering plastic surgery. If it is noticeable that you have had plastic surgery than you are doing it wrong. 

Plastic surgery should be used to enhance the look not completely rearrange the look. There are subtle things that you can do that will give you a youthful look without giving you that “did you see what she did to her face?” look.


Plumping up the lips (not too much) can help give back some of what time has taken from you, of course there is a balance. 
A little filler can go a long way in making you look great but too much and you look like you had too much filler pumped into your lips. A good plastic surgeon is the place you should be headed when you want some filler for your lips. 

This is a loosely regulated industry where some spa’s over the injections it is not the best option when you want to ensure that you are getting a natural look. Go to a professional.


Botox is an easy way to get rid of the lines that make us look older as long as it is done right. It is when it is over-done that there are problems. 
Botox is such a common option that the cost has come down substantially and can be an affordable option for anyone.

Cheeks, Fillers and Lines

Nose jobs used to be the most popular plastic surgery procedure but now cheeks, fillers and getting rid of lines have muscled nose jobs out of the way. 

Basically cheek implants, chin implants and fillers are the new nose jobs. In some cases the changes are temporary and will last up to 6 months in other cases the approach is more permanent. In both cases you should always remember that less is more. 
You want to enhance what you already have and not change your look.

Make Sure

One of the reasons that people fail at their enhancements is because they do not use a professional or they are insistent on having more done then they should. 
Let the professional guide you and you will have a better outcome.

The Appropriate Makeup for a Job Interview

Makeup for a Job Interview

There is one thing you should remember when it comes to the appropriate makeup for a job interview. 

Less is more. Any time you have a job interview you want to look your best but not club ready best. You want to appear conservative and use little makeup in neutral shades so that your makeup is not a distraction.

These tips can help you to look your best without looking over done.

Neutral is the Word

You want to avoid heavy makeup colors or red lips and go for a more neutral natural look to ensure that your job interview is a success. 

It is easy to get the right look when you use the right tools. Of course you want to be sure that your skin is nice and hydrated before you get started so use a good moisturizer. 

Choose your palette not to match your clothing but to match your skin tone. Consider how you will wear your hair for the interview and build your makeup palette around it.

The Palette

You cannot go wrong with neutral shades and earth tones. You do not want to walk into your interview with a dark smoky eye. 

While it may look great it may also be a distraction and because you do not know who will be doing the interview and how they feel about too much makeup in the work place you always want to go with a more conservative look. 

Choose nude lips with a little gloss on top. Use browns and beiges on your eyes. Use mascara not false eyelashes. Stay away from overtly bright colors.

Why no False Eyelashes?

False eyelashes are great because that add that touch of glamour but they can be perceived as being a little too over the top for work. 
You can easily get your lashes in good enough shape for a job interview with mascara.

No Red Lips

Red lips are great for a night on the town but they can be a little shocking during the day and absolutely are not what you would call conservative. 

Stay with a neutral tone on the lip you also want to only use a lipliner that is the same exact color as your lipstick if you use one at all.

Avoid Heavy Eyeliner

You can line your eyes but use a thinner line than you would normally. 
A few adjustments and your makeup will look great!

Choosing the Right Makeup for Your Skin Tone and Face Shape

Choosing the Right Makeup 

Every woman is gifted with a different face shape, whether yours is longer or more heart-shaped, there are many different shapes in the world. 

When you’re doing your makeup it is important that you choose the right items not only for your face shape but for your skin tone as well. 
It is essential to make sure that you look your best.

Heart Face Shape

Women with a heart shaped face generally have a narrow chin and a wider forehead, much like Reese Witherspoon. 

When you’re doing your makeup you’ll want to stray away from bringing too much attention to your chin and cheekbones. Instead, choose to focus on your lips and your eyes. 
Choosing the right bright lipstick and adding a pop of color to your cheeks can help to make your face appear fuller. Rosy tones are preferable for women of all different skin tones.

Round Face Shape

If you have a rounder face you’ll have a forehead and a lower face that are equal in width and extremely prominent cheek bones much like Kirsten Dunst. The main objective for women with a round face is to make sure that they add definition in all the right places. This can easily be done with the help of a bronzer that is relatable to your skin tone so that it looks natural and sun kissed. For darker complexions choose a deeper brown and paler complexions can rely on a softer brown.

Square Face Shape

Much like Jennifer Garner, if you have a square face you’ll also have severe angles with your jawline and your hairline. 

Softening your angular features is what will help you to look more feminine and with the right highlighting makeup items, you can add the perfect feminine glow. Rosy toned blushes are preferable for lighter complexions and a more golden highlighter is great for darker complexions.

Oval Face Shape

If you’ve noticed that you’re working with a longer face with a forehead and lower face of the same width, you may have a face shape like Jessica Alba. 

It is essential that you cut down on the length of your face by focusing on horizontal makeup tricks such as contouring. You can choose a rosy or a bronzy blush and make sure that you apply it horizontally to your face. This will helps to define your eyes, lips, and your cheeks which will draw the attention away from a longer face.

Airbrush Makeup System: How it Works

Airbrush Makeup System

Are you looking for a flawless foundation look that covers all your blemishes, but still looks natural? 

Applying liquid foundations traditionally can leave your makeup looking caked on. 
However, an airbrush makeup system is specifically designed to be the solution to all of your problems. 

If you want a makeup look that is natural, flawless and looks like you stepped out of eth pages of a beauty magazine, you need to learn about how an airbrush makeup system works. 

Here are the basics about airbrush makeup:

Smooth Application

One of the biggest reasons why women choose to use an airbrush makeup is for smooth application. They want the makeup to be applied seamlessly and to not leave behind a caked on finish. 

When makeup is caked onto your face, it leaves your pores clogged and can result in blemishes and pimples. 
If you want smooth application of your makeup to be possible, airbrush makeup is the best option.

How Does it Work?

Using an airbrush makeup system to apply foundation allows you to use a small brush that is easy to grip. 

This small brush allows you to apply the makeup to your face using low pressure in a way that blends flawlessly and lets the true beauty of your natural skin to shine through. 

You will have coverage for all of your blemishes and imperfections, but the makeup that is applied will look flawless and seamlessly blend. 
It is even possible to use many makeup airbrush systems to dry your face after you have applied the makeup using the air setting.


If you have sensitive skin that easily breaks out, it might be a good idea to invest in airbrush makeup. This type of makeup system is designed for people of all skin types, but is especially beneficial for women that have trouble or blemished skin. 

Most makeup that is used in airbrush systems are designed to be water based. This means that they are ideal for sensitive skin types. 
They are applied gently and do not cause irritation. Many of the different types of makeup that are used with airbrush systems do not even contain polymers. This means that they are especially good for the skin.

If you want to have flawless skin that looks natural and is blemish free, it might be time to invest in an airbrush makeup system. 

Once you have the brush, you can choose from a variety of airbrush makeup types that can be applied using this makeup tool. Your makeup will look professionally applied at all times.

The Most Fabulous Organic Makeup Products

Fabulous Organic Makeup Products

It is quite difficult to say which product is really organic and which is not. 

You need to carefully read the labels for it. It is quite a time consuming process to surf the internet for the best organic makeup products. 

Therefore, here is a list of the most fabulous organic makeup products that we have compiled for you:

1. Living Nature Foundation: 

Living Nature is a loved New Zealand brand of organic makeup products. 

They are known to use 100 % natural ingredients in their products. The organic makeup products of Living Nature do not contain synthetic preservatives or chemicals. 

The Living Nature Foundation is a great all-natural liquid foundation. 
It covers perfectly and gives your skin a natural and beautiful glow. You can wear it both during the day and night.

2. Lip Balms and Lipsticks by Living Nature: 

 ‘Summer rain’ and ‘Bloom’ are two best-selling colors of lips sticks and lip balms manufactured by Living Nature. They have an array of lip balms and lipsticks. 
Whatever color you choose, your lips would stay moist and the color would stay for a long time. They don’t have any taste and that is a huge advantage.

3. Physician’s Formula BB Cream: 

 The organic makeup products of Physician Formula are made of 80 % organic ingredients. 

The products of Physician Formula are not only 100 % natural, but are also very affordable. Their products can be found anywhere. 
The BB Cream of Physician’s Formula is made with all-natural ingredients. The BB cream also contains added minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. The cream is easy to spread and it gives you a perfect look.

4. Physician’s Formula 100 % Natural Origin Mascara: 

A nice mascara can greatly enhance your look. Mascara is one of the essentials of great makeup. The Physician’s Formula 100 % Natural Origin Mascara is completely free of chemical solvents. It uses 100 % natural color pigments, natural preservatives and natural biopolymers. You can go for either regular or lash boosting varieties, depending on the kind of makeup you want.

5. Sephora Natural and Organic Bite Beauty Matte Cream Lip Crayons: 

Sephora is one of the most well-known and famous makeup companies which have a wide range of natural and organic makeup products. The collection of Bite Beauty Matte Cream Lip Crayons is available in 12 gorgeous shades. The lip colors do not contain sulfates, parabens or phthalates. They are the best organic makeup product for your lips.

Stunning Natural Wedding Makeup Looks for Brides

Stunning Natural Wedding Makeup Looks

Your wedding day is right around the corner and you are ready! 
You have the dress, the bridesmaids, the veil, the cake and food, and of course the groom. 

But do you know what bridal makeup you want to wear for your big day? 
Natural wedding makeup is not only classy and beautiful, but also becoming increasingly popular with brides. 

Keeping a natural look to your face when walking down the aisle is beautiful and will likely make your groom look twice as it may not be your everyday look.

Beautiful Berry

To achieve a natural bridal makeup that will go with everything, subtly line your lids, apply a soft blush, and use a berry colored lipstick for a flashy pop. 

This look never goes out of style and is easy to apply without feeling as though you need to rush. 
Plus it is easy to touch up during the wedding to keep your makeup looking camera ready for all the amazing photos you will have taken.

Ethereal Pinks

For a more ethereal look that will certainly catch your groom’s eye while still using natural bridal makeup, use a pale pink on your lips and lids then top your lids with a brown shadow. 

Then simply use a champagne color on the inner corner of your eyes to really make them look surreal. 
This is a beautiful look and will ensure that your eyes pop in your photos as well.


If you want a more dramatic look, line your eyes on the top and bottom, then apply a black shadow to the lid for a smoky look. 

Then add a nude gloss rather than a lipstick as well as contour and highlight your face and you are ready to walk down the aisle. 
Not only is this more dramatic in appearance, but is a classic natural bridal makeup.

Light Pinks

Pink provides a natural bridal makeup that is not only youthful but gorgeous. 

Line your eyes on the top and bottom as well as through your lash line. 
Then use a light pink shadow for your eyes, peach blush on the apples of your cheeks, and a dusty rose lipstick on your lips. 

This look is incredibly natural and will make you look slightly younger.

Earth Tones

Earth tones are also a wonderful choice for natural bridal makeup as they look natural on just about everyone. 
Choose your best earth tones for your eyes, cheeks, and lash line, then top the look off with a rosy red lipstick for a classic look. 

Not only is this a beautifully classic choice but easy to fix throughout your wedding day.

“Marriage is a mosaic you build with your spouse. Millions of tiny moments that create your love story.” Jennifer Smith

How to be the Best Makeup Artist

How to be the Best Makeup Artist

While somethings simply cannot be learned and come from creativity, others can certainly help you learn how to be the best makeup artist through knowing and understanding a few simple things. 

First you must be passionate about makeup and actually want to become a makeup artist. 

Second, while creativity certainly helps, you should experiment to learn how to create a variety of effects. 
And finally, you could always learn from the best. However learning how to be the best makeup artist you can be while enjoying what you do is key. 

Here are a few tips to get you well on your way to becoming one of the best.

High Quality Tools and Products

Many of the best makeup artists are great because of the tools and products that they use to create the effects that they want. 

If you want to know how to be the best makeup artist, you need to invest in high quality brushes and tools as well as purchase high quality makeup to make application easier. 
Even if you haven’t perfected the skills to apply the makeup perfectly, the brushes and tools will make your inexperience less evident. 

If you are looking to attend a makeup artist’s school to learn from the best, you should ensure you are bringing only the best tools and products to use while practicing in class. This shows your passion and determinations to become the best.


One of the best things you can do to prevent from simply creating a look that is caked on is to mix your foundation with your primer. 

The best makeup artists create natural looking looks simply because they are mixing their primer and foundation before applying it to their model. 
This can help you understand how to be the best makeup artist simply by avoiding the disaster of applying a caked on look to your model.

Understanding Contour and Highlights

Many people reach this hurtle and don’t understand it, contouring and highlighting can change the way the face looks and can even alter the shape of the face. 

Practicing contouring and highlighting can teach you the fundamentals of placement as well as teach you how to be the best makeup artist. 
If you don’t learn how to contour and highlight properly, your creations may end in disaster as the alterations you make to the face may not be pleasing to the eye.

Use These Makeup Hacks To Prevent Laziness Spoil Your Appearance

A lazy girl does not mean an ugly and neglected girl. 

However, laziness can play a negative role to your appearance improvement – all the time. 
We do know that beauty requires struggles and new techniques to be learnt. And a lazy girl usually skips them. 
However, with these awesome makeup hacks, laziness will not spoil your appearance. 

Makeup Hacks 

On the contrary – it will make your makeup routines easier, faster and more effective than ever. Check out them now, lazy girls!

1. Make your eyeliner look precise!

The simplest way to apply eyeliner in a cat-eye style is to simply hold a card right next to your eyelid in order to minimize wrong curves and amateur look. 
The shape you can create in this way will be precise and really awesome!

2. The 3-Style Contour Hack

Adding counters on your face with some darker foundation highlight is never an easy task. Though, if you try the 3-style contour hack at both sides of your face, you will glow just fantastically!

3. Boost Your Lips Naturally!

Not only eco-friendly, but also easily and quickly! The natural way to make your lips plumper is to use peppermint oil in advance. Thus, regardless your lipstick, your lips will be seductive and volumized!

4. Correct Your Wrong Purchase

It happens quite often – to purchase online a discounted cool and luxurious foundation that eventually appears darker than you need. Well, do not throw it away, but add some moisturizer on your skin before applying the foundation and it will get lightened instantly.

5. Perfume Can Last Longer?

And the tactic to this is also easy. What you need to make your perfume last longer or at least during the entire working day is to put some Vaseline on your pulse points. Then, apply the perfume and it will “sticks” for more hours than usually.

6. In Case You Are Really Late…

Skipping the makeup part is not even needed. 

To minimize the makeup routine duration, apply only the necessary and obligatory products – mascara + lip gloss + blush on cheeks are completely enough to freshen you up in the mornings, when you have hit the alarm….

7. Restore Your Mascara Medically!

Some mascara types are just too good and too long-lasting to be used completely after they were bought. 

What happened to them by standing open for too much weeks is to get clumpy and dried. 
You can finely and risk-freely restore it by adding some contact lenses solution – few drops are completely enough!

Beauties Before And After Makeup

Before And After Makeup

Skin is the biggest organ of our body.
Most TV shows mislead women to think that TV stars have perfect skin. In reality they have faces dotted by freckles, shining from suaveness, and ordinary like the rest of us.

But with a little foundation everything changes.

Women add powder to their complexion, and underline their cheeks with light rouge, and add some glossy lipstick to their lips – and here – beauty is born.
Beauties are ready to conquer the world and male hearts!

A woman without make up needs to have a very healthy skin, otherwise she looks as if it she has been bleached.

Most women feel naked without the make up.
They look like after a heavy hangover, with shadows under their eyes and all kinds of face defects. Some of them refute the fact that a woman needs only her smile to be pretty.

Without makeup, they are very plain, to ugly, with missing eyelashes, colorless lips and low self confidence. But if you add artificial eyelashes and a hard dark lipstick –the same woman can look like a Disney princess.

Some women are gifted and look good without makeup.

That means only that with makeup they will look simply wonderful.
From the hippie, natural style to the gorgeous Barbie expression there are three small steps – foundation, mascara, lipstick. Even if your face is covered with multiple freckles like Pippi Longstocking’s – foundation helps smoothen your skin.

Blue eyes underlined with black pencil look wonderful. Dark, heavy mascara is very pretty for a face shouldered by long dark hair.

If you are black wear bright raspberry lip gloss and golden, and purple shade on your eyelids.
Natural makeup usually has the best effect on women with regular face features.

Foundation is a savior in case of skin conditions.

One of the basic reasons women wear so much make up is self-confidence. They also wear accessories, silver and golden necklaces and huge earrings to underline their female beauty.

Women with pink complexion dye their hair in bright blonde and use slightly pink lipstick for the perfect “girl next door” look.

Some women express themselves with tattoos of flowers and dragons. Brunettes put brown shades to underline their brown eyes.

Black women look very good with golden locks and shiny makeup and light lipstick. Parisian red is a fashion statement, usually worn by the Cabaret and burlesque artists. Chances are with this color, you will not recognize the woman – it’s screamingly sexual and attractive.

There are women with Parisian red hair – and that according to brilliant coiffeurs is plain tasteless like wearing an earring on your nose. Probably the one thing worse than that is hair in purple and blue and earrings on the mouth.

If you must sin artistically wear pink brocade on your eyelids, surrounded by black eyeliner.

What TV does not reveal is, that there are those exceedingly maintained women, who need no makeup, and they are the true Queens of Beauty.

The lack of make up gives the woman a naturally affable appearance and men keep wondering why all of us are trying the entire time to make ourselves pretty.

Makeup Tips for Workplace from UK Makeup Artist

Work place is a professional place and it is important that you keep it in mind while you wear your makeup.

You need to look competent and beautiful at the same time. Your makeup should make you look a strong and hard working woman. You have to balance a proper makeup which will make you look stylish in a natural way with less makeup.
Office makeup should be long lasting so that you don’t need a retouch. It should be time consuming as it is a daily process.

Follow few Easy makeup tips for workplace

It is a challenge for a professional woman to choose the right kind of makeup for corporate environment. Corporate makeup is a little tricky one, where it has to be smooth and simple to enhance personality with your own style and fashion. Let’s get to know some flawless yet simple makeup tips for the corporate ladies.

Let’s start Makeup tips with you face, clean your face with a good quality face wash and apply a non greasy moisturizer. Makeup looks better on moisturized skin. Use a light foundation to evenly tone your skin. Mix it well to get a smooth appearance. You may skip to apply blush on your cheek, but if you want you may apply a light blush on your cheekbones and blend it very well.

Your office is not the place to try a lot of shades on your eyes. Keep your eyes simple with neutral look. Our eye makeup tips will guide to a perfect corporate look. Apply soft colors only on the lid and crease.

Avoid dull and glittery shades. Try to apply black eyeliner and don’t make it too thick, make sure the lines don’t outside the eyelids. Finish your eye makeup with smudge free and water proof mascara. The main rule of our eye makeup tips is to give you a neat and clean makeup for eyes, so that you eyes to get the comfort of working all day long.

For your lips choose neutral shades of tinted lip gloss which should be delicate enough for the office. You may choose shades like pink, peach, light brown or any other warm colors according to your skin tone. Skip matt lipstick and go for creamy lipstick or gloss to ensure your lips are hydrated all day long. Follow this Makeup tips Keep them handy for easy touch ups during the office hours.

Nails are also a subject of fashion accessory, but it is time to say good bye to nail arts. Choose a light shade that goes with your everyday clothing. Don’t grow your nails too big, keep them neat and manicured.

Is time do hairstyle, try something simple and new every day. A different hairstyle Makeup tips will give you a new look every day. You must choose your hair style according to your outfit and your makeup. Follow this makeup tips and Try some handy hairstyle which is easy for you to do and also office appropriate. You may choose to do ponytails, bun or braids whichever is suitable to your type of hair. You can also use bobby pins and other clips to fix your hair with simple style.
Last makeup tips but not the least; don’t forget to spray your favorite fragrance before you leave for the whole day. Spray a long lasting pleasant smell to boost you mentally.

Our simple makeup tips will help you to get a beautiful look very easily for your every day rushed morning. Just follow these makeup tips and make a pre plan for what to do on the next morning and you will find it easy to maintain looking beautiful every day.

Top 4 Makeup Tips you Can Learn from a Makeup Blog

4 Makeup Tips you Can Learn from a Makeup Blog

A makeup blog is your go to place when you are looking for any information or tips on applying makeup for a natural and an all-beautiful look. 
No matter how hard you find applying makeup being or choosing the best makeup for you, a makeup blog has all the answers to any makeup questions and concerns you may be having.  These blogs are purposefuly designed to provide their users with the best and most reliable tips on how to look perfect with makeup.

The top four tips you can learn from these makeup blog include:

How to shape your eyebrows

Most people despite being very fond of applying makeup do not know how to shape their eyebrows. This however needs not be a problem anymore as you can rely on a makeup blog for ideas and tips on shaping your eyebrows.  There are a number of ways on how you can shape your eyebrows depending on the shape of your face and the kind of look you want to have. In a makeup blog, you will find the different ways throughwhich you can shape your eyebrows for the best look.

How to choose undertone makeups

One of the most misunderstood concepts as far as applying makeup is concerned is the choice of undertone to settle on. A makeup blog will provide you with all the necessary information you need to know as far as you want to know how to choose an undertone that is right for you.  It is important to understand that your skin color goes a long way in influencing your ultimate undertone choice.  Use a makeup blog to gather ideas on how to highlight your facial beauty using your favorite undertone.

How to apply your lipstick and lipgross

Most women do not know that the way that they apply their lipsticks and lipgrosses has an effect on the overall beauty of their face. This is why you need to source ideas from a makeup blog on applying lipsticks. For instance, nude lipsticks make your lips look thinner while light colored lipsticks add fullness to your lips.  Look for inspirations from a makeup blog on how to choose the best lipstick that matches the rest of the makeup on your face.

How to highlight your eyes

Your eyes are definitely the first thing people notice when they look at you. As such, it is important that you search for information from a makeup blog on how to highlight your eyes for the best look.  If your eyes look dramatic, then you can be assured that the rest of your face will look dramatic too. This is why it is important to ensure that you refer to a makeup blog on inspirations on how to highlight your eyes.

A makeup blog can provide you with the basics you need to beware of when planning to become a professional makeup artist. This blog provides you with the most resourceful information on how to apply your makeup right.

Make Quilt Kits for Others

Make Quilt Kits for Others

As the holidays approach and we are all trying to think of unique gifts for friends and family, quilters have the creative edge.
Even skipping over the obvious gift of a quilt, quilted vest, or quilted home accessory, quilters can give a truly unique gift.

How about giving quilting kits for holidays and other gift-giving occasions?

Chances are that friends and family have been admiring your work and have even stated they wish they could quilt. Those are the people who would love to receive your quilting kit this year. Putting together a quilting kit is not hard and it will allow you to share your craft with others.

First, remember to keep your quilting kits simple. A throw pillow, a wall hanging, table runner or placemats are a good start.

Next, pick your designs. Be sure to keep them pretty basic so beginners will not easily be discouraged. Make a copy of the finished design or quilt block so it can be used as a check point throughout the project.

Cut and label the pieces of fabric needed to complete the project. Remember to include directions. Either handwrite them or type them. Remember to include information about the batting unless you plan to include it in your kit as well.

Remember to include all the necessary notions in your quilting kit: a small pair of scissors, coordinating threads and a couple of needles. Your recipient will be delighted!

Quilted oranments, tree skirts and table runners make nice quilting kits. Find your favorite designs and make holiday quilting kits for your friends.

For friends who have some quilting skills, you could assemble kits to make quilted clothing items or larger projects.

If you are part of a quilting club that is looking for a fundraiser, creating quilting kits would be ideal. Quilting kits encourage others to learn the craft and give a sense of satisfaction upon completion. The fundraiser could be year around since many of the projects could be completed and be given as gifts or holiday ornaments themselves. Keep skill levels in mind when making quilting kits: beginner, intermediate and experienced.

If your club is making quilting kits for a fundraiser, keep in mind to price the kits according to the level of difficulty for which they are designed and on the contents inside the kit. A beginner kit will cost less than a quilting kit because it will not be as complex and detailed. Complex designs will involve more work in putting the quilting kit together. More supplies will also be needed to complete it…which in turn means more cutting of pieces.

Packaging your quilting kits is simple. Use resealable plastic bags to hold the items. Include a copy of the finished product or of the quilt block template. Don’t forget detailed instructions, too! Add your phone number to the instructions in case your friend runs across something they don’t understand. Zip the plastic bag closed and your quilting kit is complete!

If you want to give something a little more than your quilting kit, tuck it inside a personalized tote bag that will be handy for carrying along the project (and future projects). Personalize the tote bag yourself with appliqué, rhinestones, fabric paints or embroidery (or a combination of them all). You may also take the bag to a local embroiderer for a custom monogram or personalization.

You may soon find that your quilting kits are the hit of the holiday season and don’t be surprised if friends and family come to request your quilting kits each year!

Eye Make Up Tips for Brown Eyes

Eye Make Up Tips for Brown Eyes

Did you know that brown is the most dominant eye color? All humans, no matter what color their parents’ eyes are, could potentially have brown eyes. Over half the world’s population has brown eyes. In fact, in some parts of the world, brown is the only iris color anyone has.

So if you’re among the ranks of this super popular eye color, you may be wondering how to make your brown eyes stand out. How can you make your eyes seem alluring and sexy even when there seem to be so many others out there like you?

Here are some make up tips for brown eyes that will really help set you apart!

Believe it or not, one of the best make up tips for brown eyes is to wear more brown. The eye shadow color that often ends up looking the best on brown-eyed girls is actually brown. Earth tones like camel, taupe, cinnamon and terra cotta really help draw attention to brown eyes and make them look out of this world.

If this sounds a little boring to you, use these make up tips for brown eyes to look for shadows with an iridescent feel or a slightly shimmery sheen.

Use a dark nude base like champagne over your whole eyelid, then add in a grassy green shadow in the crease to create an autumn-like feeling that looks beautiful any time of year. You can then layer gold or pink from the brow bone to the lash line.

Both colors are also nice choices with this combination of colors and enhance the green even more.

For evening, make up tips for brown eyes tell us purple is the way to go. Whether you choose a seductive, velvety plum or a rock-and-roll, shimmery violet, purple almost always draws attention to brown’s deeper pigments but make the whites of the eyes stand out at the same time.

When matched with a grey or deep purple liner and mascara, you get an effect that is literally eye popping!

What are some make up tips for brown eyes to avoid? As far as color goes, there isn’t much browns can’t wear. However, white and yellow can both make pupils appear to be smaller and narrower.

Also, for a great daytime look, make up tips for brown eyes advises us to try brown liner and mascara instead of the harsher black.

.What Makes Up A Good Sportsbar

Makes Up A Good Sportsbar

A sports bar is a place full of high def TV screens where you are greeted with high-spirited debates of a bunch of other sport fans thinking alike.

A sportsbar is one busy asylum of a city’s night activities. You can have a great time watching your favorite team on large flat screen TVs.

And not only that. A great sportsbar provides other amenities similar to that of a restaurnat/bar. You can dine in or avail drinks while talking it up with a friendly sports fanatic. It is a club with screens in all directions showing only one thing – sports. Obviously. 24/7. There are a bunch of sportsbars out there.

But one should understand how a good sportsbar is different from all the rest. Here are a few tips to find a great sportsbar when you’ve been into one.

A real sportsbar, aside from having a large number of screens showing different sports games, should have a service crew who know something about the sports. It would be nice if the crew could do a little chit-chatting while bar partons hang out in a corner waiting for their drink. It would be very accommodating and will help make customers feel like they are at home.
Other than great coverage of the games, a good sports bar offers other forms of entertainment. It could have a room for billiards. Or it could reserve one corner for darts fanatics. Video game machiens would be cool too. Maybe a private function room for private parties, meetings, or any other gathering.

They could also host competitions for any of the featured entertainment games.

Another thing to keep an eye out for in a sports bar is its wide variety of alcohol and refreshments. Not just beers. It could have something light or something strong or something in between. You should know that another advantage of being in a sports bar than at home is that you don’t have to worry about spilling on the floor. And if you got your drinks, you could order food too. Breakfast like eggs, sausages or hot pancakes, or lunch like omelet, bacon or stew, or dinner like anything grilled, suit yourself.

Service-wise, a good sports bar’s host, hostess and staff should be very helpful and attentive to the visitor’s needs. All bartenders should be skilled on drinks and different mixes. The waiters and waitresses should also be very welcoming and quick. Customers never enjoy waiting more than 15 minutes for their orders from a smug-looking ma?.

There a couple things that are required for the perfect sports bar. Regular customers would say the first time they walked in, they felt like they found a new home. Staff and attendants were praised by their upbeat nature. The food was praised also as superb. They were even impressed by the newly decorated sportsbar with TVs surrounding the entire bar side. All these aforementioned aspects make up a great sportsbar, but the most important thing is to make clients feel like they have a place to go whenever they feel like it and that they do not only get great sports coverage but great times and great company.

How To Apply Make Up

It”??s no revelation that with modern society”??s emphasis on youth, perfection, and physical attraction, women aren”?? The only ones who want to emphasize their best facial skin tone and hide blemishes and scars.

Easy steps on how to apply make up

Step 1:

Apply a concealer that is one shade lighter than your base. Dot it on over any blemishes or under-eye circles and mix together with your fingertips or a makeup sponge. If your concealer tends to cake, be relevant eye cream first.

Step 2:

In case you wanna learn how to apply make up, choose foundation that matches your skin tone exactly. Apply it in dots over the central part of your face, and then blend it out with a makeup sponge or your fingertips until it covers your entire face

Step 3:

Use a loose or pressed powder to keep groundwork and concealer on longer. Use pressed powder to touch up when you”??re missing from home.

Step 4:

Do your eyebrows next use crushed eyebrow shadow on brows in its place of pencil, which can often look not natural. Apply it with a hard, slanted brush.

Step 5:

Choose three colors of eye shadow: light, intermediate and dark. Use the dark only to line your upper eyelid, in a fairly thin line the length of the upper lashes. Use the medium shade for the fold and the lightest shade for the area under the eyebrow. There are many variations on eye silhouette submission techniques

Step 6:

Apply eyeliner. Use cake eyeliner with a damp, thin liner brush, or an eyeliner pencil, and line the subordinate lid below the lashes. Line only the outer two-thirds of the lower lid, or all the way across if you”??re annoying to achieve a darker look. Line all the way across the upper lid (just above the lash line and as close to the lashes as possible), or start the row where your lashes begin.

Step 7:

Apply mascara to higher and lower lashes, in two thin coats to avoid clumsiness. Choose brown makeup if your coloring is fair; black or brown-black works well for darker coloring. Or try colored mascara such as fleet or plum for fun, but don”??t go too bright if you want to be taken dangerously.

Step 8:

Smile to find the apples of your cheeks, and apply blush to the apples or below, whichever you have a preference. If you have to blend in blush, it”??s too bright. This you should know while scholarship how to apply make up

Step 9:

Choose a lipstick color that”??s right to your skin tone and that”??s perfect for your day look. You can mix colors and texture to suit your moods and your outfits.

Step 10:

Line lips after apply lipstick, not before. That way you won”??t end up with a dark sphere of lip liner after your lipstick has damaged off. Avoid combining very dim lip liner and pale lipstick.

Ultimate Guide for Flawless Makeup

Guide for Flawless Makeup

The flawless makeup is something that every girl and woman want.

The question here, though, is how some women can do it, but others always fail and appear either like clowns, or like sick people in the end? The answer is simple – you need to know how to apply and achieve this flawless makeup style.

There are few techniques and tips you need to find out and only then, you will get that awesome natural, porcelain –styled face with radiance and charm all the time!

1. Begin on clean base

No makeup will last or will look gorgeous, if it is applied on dirty or oily face. Purchase a decent cleanser. Choose it according to your type of skin.

Women with greasy or normal skin, will probably prefer the washing gels and soaps, while females will dry skin should better buy some foam or cleansing milk.

2. Apply moisturizer, EVEN THOUGH the makeup

Some women believe that if they have makeup or they use foundation every day, moisturizer is unnecessary. If you are one of these women, you are making the top mistake ever.

The flawless makeup leaves your skin look natural and all the details of your face attractive and nice.
For this purpose, the moisturizer is on mandatory.
It improves the blemishes, dry zones, spots or any red areas.

If you want to replace the moisturizer with something more helpful and colourful, get yourself either a BB, or a CC cream.

3. Prepare your face for a flawless makeup

The only way to do so is to apply a primer.
No matter what brand you prefer, the primer will make your face – including the eye zone, as well as the eyelids – ready to be beautified.
Keep in mind that if you get yourself a bad base, your entire makeup will go to hell.

So, forget about feeling ashamed or embarrassed, while you are in the beauty shop, but test all the primers and choose the best one for your skin!

Use Downward Strokes When Applying Makeup

Use Downward Strokes When Applying Makeup

When you want to clean your face, you usually wash it first and then put some moisturizer.

And in order to lessen fine lines, you apply it with upward strikes. You may think that you can use that type of strokes when applying foundation or powder, but it is actually the opposite.

In that case you have to use downward strokes.
The reason for this is the little hair that is growing on human faces. It tends to grow downwards that is why this is the direction that you need to use to apply your makeup.

Otherwise you will only achieve the so-called “peach puzz”, and you will make that little hair more noticeable.

Three Interesting Makeup Tricks!

1.The Most Important Thing – Proper Contouring

Proper countering is perhaps the most important thing when you apply makeup on your face. The main reason for using makeup on your face is that you want to hide the features that you do not like so much and underline the ones that are your favourite. Using makeup and the proper contouring is important when you are going to pose for photos, because the camera is much more sophisticated then the normal human eye and it can capture all the shadows and highlights.
There are special powders for proper countering and highlighting and you can try to use them, but there is also the variant to use such powder that is darker than your skin with a few shades, and a foundation that is lighter than you skin. There are certain areas that you need to define with darker shades – your neck, under your cheek bones, and other parts of your face like the zone under your eyes and the t-zone is where you should highlight.

2.The Illusion of Larger Lips

Well, unfortunately we are not all blessed with big and juicy lips that we like so much to see on a woman’s face, but there are a few tricks that can help you create this illusion. The simplest one is to use a lip pencil and apply a line outside your normal lip line. That means just to go slightly off your normal lip line so that you create the effect; otherwise all you could achieve is to look like a clown.

3.How to Save Your Eye Line

If you are using eyeliner as part of your makeup vision, perhaps you also check from time to time if it is still there. Some eyeliners are not so stable and tend to vanish after some time, may be because they are not like waterproof makeup. But waterproof makeup is really hard to be taken off, the process of removing, for example the lashes, can be even painful. That is why I prefer not to use waterproof makeup but have some tricks for saving the makeup on my face. Such a trick is to put pressed powder under your eye liner on your bottom lid. With this you create some kind of a barrier so that your eyeliner does not go downward.

Monday, May 6, 2019

3 Easy and Beautiful Summer Makeup Looks

Summer is finally here and it makes us more excited, and happier. 

With the happiness comes and our desire for being more colorful and beautiful. Summer is the season in which we can allow ourselves to be more experimental, and to use our imagination. 

We can wear bright, colorful clothes, such as pink, yellow, orange, green, and others. And everybody knows that if you look good, you feel good. 
That is why I am going to show you 3 easy and beautiful summer makeup looks.

Look №1: The watercolor effect

Watercolor eyes are one of the best makeup looks for summer. 
It looks different, chic, bright, and beautiful. It is a great way to mix your favorite colors, depending on the occasion, or your outfit. It is important the shades to be bright, such as pink, yellow, peach, orange, sky blue, purple, and others.

It depends on you how many colors to use. But you should pick out some that will look good next to each other. What I mean is that your eyes wouldn’t look nice if there were green, yellow, pink and blue onto your eyelids at the same time. After you pick your favorite shades, just brush them onto your eyes, trying to create the effect of watercolor paint.

Summer is finally here and it makes us more excited, and happier. With the happiness comes and our desire for being more colorful and beautiful. Summer is the season in which we can allow ourselves to be more experimental, and to use our imagination. We can wear bright, colorful clothes, such as pink, yellow, orange, green, and others. And everybody knows that if you look good, you feel good. That is why I am going to show you 3 easy and beautiful summer makeup looks.

Look №1: The watercolor effect

Watercolor eyes are one of the best makeup looks for summer. It looks different, chic, bright, and beautiful. It is a great way to mix your favorite colors, depending on the occasion, or your outfit. It is important the shades to be bright, such as pink, yellow, peach, orange, sky blue, purple, and others.
It depends on you how many colors to use. But you should pick out some that will look good next to each other. What I mean is that your eyes wouldn’t look nice if there were green, yellow, pink and blue onto your eyelids at the same time. After you pick your favorite shades, just brush them onto your eyes, trying to create the effect of watercolor paint.

Best Makeup Tips and Ideas for Your Hot Date!!!

Makeup Tips and Ideas for Your Hot Date

Looking for your upcoming hot date?

Must be more than just trilled and excited about it! Meanwhile, we are completely sure that you also worry about your appearance.
It is logical that you want to show the best of you and that you want to look as fabulous as never before, but be aware – too much is not always too good! On the contrary – balance with the brilliance and the colours attentively.

Otherwise, you will just look like a baby doll and this is definitely not a good impression. Take a look at our amazing tips and ideas for your hot date!

1.Accent on the lips!

Of course, you need to put the accent on your lips, but it does not mean to make your entire face nude and to apply extra bright lipstick.

Simply, improve your skin complexion with some really good foundation and use some blush to make your face as cute as a girl`s one.
Then, choose gloss in peach or pink if the guy in front of you is shy. If he is confident and very masculine, rely on the deep nuances for your lips – such as classy red or vanguard purple!

2.Luminous face to adore!

Luminous face is something that your date will definitely observe immediately.

Moreover – such a makeup will focus his attention right on your face and he will look at you in the eyes in such a romantic way. To achieve this effect, show your real skin – do not go for a darker shade and do not exceed with the concealer or the makeup base.

Better apply some natural foundation and then, use your favourite radiant powder with little luminous pieces! As to the eyes, cover the eyelids with some grey, silver or golden eye shadows and finish the makeup with nude lipstick or pinky gloss.

3.The naive cute girl

For such a makeup idea, we strongly recommend you to get peach nuances on your face.

Put accents with some pink and very light red accents! Last, but not least, apply eye liner on your eyes to look yet a female, but not a real schoolgirl. If you need to cover the blemishes with effective concealer or simply use your BB cream to make your baby-like face look clean and faultless.

4.The sexy independent woman

This woman makeup tip goes with dark shades for the eyes, as well as with ultra deep lipstick either in dark pink, or even in brown.
Pay attention on the eyes makeup and choose something of the following: smokey eye shadows, green with blue ombre style or even better – vanguard single colour in radiant nuance like purple, orange or even turquoise.

5.Additional tips

When you choose your best makeup idea for the hot date, consider its level of colours and then proceed with the selection of accessories.

In case you want to go for something more natural, you can adorn your appearance with more gems and even scarf or hat. Though, if your makeup is quite strong, have no accessories, but a sexier dress instead.

Fantastic Makeup Tips for Formal Cocktails

Fantastic Makeup

There are two things you need to take under consideration, when it comes to the perfect makeup.

First of all, your own facial skin complexion and features – such as nose shape or the eye color – become the bases for your ideas and conceptions.

Though, the next thing you need to weigh in your mind is the occasion.

As you know even the best makeup idea is never fine and beautiful enough if you apply it on an inappropriate place or time. Vanguard and colorful makeup ideas, for instances, are not very suitable for the office or for a walk in the park.
However, they could be amazing for formal cocktail. Such an occasion requires smart, simple, original, but not too eccentric clothing. Thus, the accent must be your cool makeup. Speaking of all of these, check out our fantastic makeup tips for formal cocktails!

1.Outstanding ombre-style makeup

At a formal cocktail, you will probably prefer to wear either a little black dress, or even a set of shiny pants with sateen shirt.

Depriving your clothing outfit from many colors and bright accents means you need to balance with the makeup. And the ombre idea is just superb for such a case!

2.Gorgeous sleekness

Soft materials and feminine cuts of the formal cocktail dresses or other clothing items create a wonderful silhouette.

The makeup that will suit it could be both – gorgeous and sleek. This means you need to put an accent on the perfectly created porcelain-style fair complexion with slight blush. As to the eye, eyeliner with fake eyelashes is superb. The lipstick in this case must be both – classical red or sexy nude.

3.Girly shininess

There is nothing bad to bring in some gloss or shininess in your fantastic formal cocktail makeup. Though, do not exceed with the brilliance, because you need to look serious, but cute, feminine, but independent on this occasion. Balance the makeup by choosing where to bring in the luster. Choose either the lips, or the eyes.

4.Classy and fancy formal cocktail makeup tips

If you still, though, want to skip to the classy idea and show the best of your look at the cocktail, then go for an amazing red lipstick with smokey eye shadows. Another idea is to lean on the beige thematic and have some soft complexion with smooth blush, brown eye shadows and nude lipstick.

Last, but not least consider the idea to be more girlish with pinky look, where the eyes must be colored in darker nuance than the lips.
Last, but not least, we need to warn you that every little detail from your formal cocktail appearance is very significant.

And the makeup must be the last thing you need to consider and create, so it will not be either too drastic, or too light!

Brown Foundation – Yes or No?

Brown Foundation

When it comes to choosing the best foundation shade for you, there are lots of things you need to take under consideration and estimation.

Factors are numerous, as well as the tips you can use, but the main idea you need to follow, is to look natural and a little bit more attractive than you look with no makeup.
And today we have decided to discuss the brown foundation as a base you need to use and consider when you have to get a final simple, but awesome makeup style!

1. Which skin requires the brown foundation?

Absolutely forget about it, if you natural skin complexion is either too pale, or fair. The final effect will not be good at all.

On the contrary – you will as a fake doll from those cheap kid`s toys stores.
Still, if you love different shades of brown, you can find the least dark one and apply it in summer, when the sunlight makes your skin more radiant.

Though, if your natural complexion is dark, the brown foundation in all of its shades is perfect for you.
Deep dark eyes – brown or black – also look amazing in a combo with such a generous nuance.
Keep in mind that such a complexion might be perfectly improved with shining and glossing blush. Such a makeup is ideal for your night out.

2. What lipstick nuance to add?

Applying brown foundation on your skin requires deeper tone for your lips. Of course, the most ideal decision for you is purchasing a nice brown lipstick.

Go for a nuance close to natural chocolate, coffee or dark beige. All of these alternatives are amazing for both – casual daily and evening makeup conceptions.

However, you can always rely on classics, too, because dark peach and red lips might become extra nice accents on your brown-painted complexion, too. If you are looking for simpler makeup idea, transparent gloss is another nice idea, too!

Say no to brown foundation, if you prefer girlish lipstick nuances such as light peach, orange or candy-like pink!

3. How to focus the attention on eyes

Your eyes will never be on display if you wear brown foundation and you do not add any colour to them. So, better discover the easiest tips to create smoky eyes with palette nuances like green, purple, pink or blue.

You do not have to give up from the brown foundation, on the other side, in case you are not fond of colourful eye shadows.

What you can do, though, is to wear it with dark grey or black eye shadows. Nice eyeliner fits the brown foundation in an amazing way, as well! As a conclusion, we must say that brown foundation is appropriate for all types of makeup conception.

Still, you need to avoid it only if you are pale or if you prefer more girlish nuances for your lips!

The Worst Makeup Mistakes You Might Be Still Doing

Worst Makeup Mistakes

When you were a young woman, probably your first steps in makeup were not that successful as today.

However, with time females get experienced enough to put her makeup on every morning and every time before going out as it is a general routine like breathing or feeding on the table.

Still, a research has shown that even the most experienced girl or woman in makeup tend to make errors that can be even referred to the skills of a little and non-aware in fashion yet girl.

So better check out the worst mistakes you might be still doing right away and simply stop doing them!

1.Wrong Selection of Shades for Complexion

Whether it is your makeup base, or the concealer you use for covering the blemishes and little wrinkles, as well as the foundation, the right shade selection is a must.

Be extremely aware with the purchasing of these products, because they are the key and the general elements of your final makeup.
So, keep in mind that your foundation needs to be as close to your natural facial nuance as you can find, while the concealer on the other side – if you put it to cover the tired eye zone – must be darker.

2.Applying Makeup Products on Dry Skin

Whatever you apply on your dehydrated and not prepared with some solid moisturizing skin it will look like hell on your face.
It`s not only about putting some hydrating cream before the foundation, but it is also hydrate the eyelids, if you love wearing eye shadows and want them to appear for longer.

Also, such a makeup approach makes your face look too faked.

3.Wearing Blue Makeup on Eyes

Ok, you might be admiring blue eyes very much, but putting blue makeup will not make your eyes blue. On the contrary – blue eye shadows wok with very few people and usually such a makeup conception ends up with other final effect – “the physically abused girl”.

If you like this palette, better replace it with purple or green. And if you still prefer the blue one, mix it with smokey makeup for a more normal final effect.

4.Lip Plumping

Old-fashioned retro way to plump your lips with an eye liner in pink is a total disaster.

If your lips are too thin, get yourself an awesome gloss with plumping effect or simply go for a brighter colour, which will help you to compensate the “volume” with the “artistic colourful side” of your lips.
Still, keep in mind that this method is ok, but to apply it you need to be a real pro, because every wrong move leads to wrong face at all!

5.Wearing Glitter 24/7

Glitter is cool, but only for a night out and mostly – in dark places like a disco.

This means that you need to forget about wearing glossy eye shadows at work and avoid them in formal events and occasions, too, where the classy line can be better emphasized with common shades like green and brown.

Summer Makeup Tips For Women With Oily Facial Skin

Summer Makeup With Oily Facial Skin

Oily skin is one of the most popular facial skin types across women.

There is a moment, when they get sick and tired of taking care of it.
Though, it is essential for such a skin to be maintained and treated finely regularly and according to the season.

Since summer is so close, we will now give you all of the tips and rules you should obey, while the temperature are high and the sun shines directly on your face.

See the summer makeup tips for women with oily skin right now!

1. Continue your strict cleaning routine

Cleaning your face regularly and with the proper products is a must – especially in summer, when your facial skin becomes oiler than ever.

The hotter the weather is, the more careful you are supposed to be as to the hygiene of your face. Avoid cleansing milk, but rely on some fresh tonic with cucumber.
Such a beauty product will prepare your face for a light makeup that is suitable for summer season.

2. Powder is better than foundation

We know that those awful pimps cannot be hidden with powder, but only with your favourite liquid foundation, but you must forget about it in summer.

The foundation is too oily for your oily skin and sunlight makes it stuck directly into your pores…You know quite well what happens, when your pores get stuck, don`t you?

So, better rely on some matte powder. And as to the pimps, do not worry – the sun rays will remove them after one awesome at the beach!

3. It is now the time for the shimmering procedure…

Some people think that shimmering products for oily facial skins are not ok.

But they must have seen such a makeup on oily face that has not been disposed at the direct sunlight. Sunlight, as we have already said it above, makes wonders with your oily skin.
And guess what – the blush looks amazing on such a skin, especially if it has some golden pieces!

4. Eyes on, face – free for some refreshing procedures!

What we mean and recommend is to have some more free of powder days. To highlight your look, though put the accent on your eyes.

This means you need to choose some really cool and original ideas for eye makeup to balance your “naked” facial skin.

Why to do so? Because you can use the moment to refresh your facial skin with thermal water every time you feel too hot and every time you feel your pores too blocked with dirtiness and sweat!

5. Lipstick – whatever you like!

Unlike women with dry facial skin, your lips will remain just fine in summer.

The drier the facia skin is, the more the lips of the face get worsen in summer, when it is hot. On the contrary – your lips will be as lovely as they are now, so you can wear your favourite lipstick shade.

Makeup Products That Should Never Leave Your Woman`s Bag!

Makeup Products That Should Never Leave Woman`s Bag

They say you can find anything in a woman`s bag and it is not a secret to anyone that it is a real mess in this place. 

Among all those handkerchiefs, purses, smartphone and other modern devices, there must be, though, a certain place for your makeup tools. 

Getting dressed and beautified before work is enough to keep yourself fresh and daisy during the entire day, so having some tools and products at hand is always a must.

1. A fancy mirror with some cotton

Wearing these two things are the first tools you need to put in your bag. 
Even though it is small, do not leave your house without the magical mirror! Incidents, splits and even tears from happiness can happen all the time and you should be always prepared to remove the blurred makeup from your face – mostly from your eyes!

2. Foundation + powder

It is not even necessary to wear your most luxurious and expensive foundation or the large professional powder you have bought from your professional makeup stylist. 

A compact set of powder and foundation will remove the faults in your makeup during the busy day. Though, do not forget that your bag`s foundation and powder should correspond to the nuances and shades to your home set of these! 

Otherwise, when you apply numerous colours on your face, you will look like a painting made by a painter in a drunk condition!

3. Lipstick and some lip balm

Both are fine to make your lips look awesome during the whole day, but only if they come together. Put some lip balm every time you think off to moisturize the lips and keep the cracks away. 

The lipstick is in your pocket for any kind of emergency situation, when you have to freshen up yourself and conquer another goal from your routines! 
Besides, you can never know what an awesome new guy you can meet in the elevator, right?

4. Tweezers

Ok, your office might not be the best place for regular cosmetic procedures of your face, but there are many days at work, when there`s nothing to do, but you need to be there. 

Making your eyebrows before a big meeting or a sudden date appointment is also an urgent situation, when the tweezers might be quite needed!

5. A universal brush

Get a brush that will suit both – the procedure for more glowing cheeks and the recovery of your office eye makeup. 

You can try a compact folding brush that can become a brush for the powder and a brush for the eye shadows at once. 
Also, keep the brush in a little plastic pocket or a box to avoid gathering too many bacteria that will eventually will be put on your face, while refreshing your makeup!

Meeting His Parents For The First Time…What Makeup Should I Wear?

What Makeup Should I Wear?

Awkwardness, lots of worries and so much shame for nothing and in vain…These are only parts of the complex feelings you feel, when you face the mandatory first meeting with his parents.

It is scary to some of women and it is so embarrassing to others.

Personally I do not even understand what`s the point of getting so stressed about this meeting. Sooner or later it happens after all.

And if you show the best of yours, you will definitely get the approval you are actually going to.
But here`s where you need to consider one extra important thing – what`s the most appropriate appearance.

You know those sullen moms that do not want to give their little sons away. And you also know those mothers, who are more obsessed by fashion than their son`s girlfriend…Some of these mothers is your potential mother in law.

So, make sure you follow my tips as to what makeup to wear during the first meeting with his parents!

1. Complexion is natural, but not shimmering, extra dark or oily…

The liquid foundation will probably spoil his mother`s cover.

And the shimmering face of yours will attract his father’s attention too much, so the mum will eventually start hating you – and for a reason.

The makeup here is supposed to be quite natural. So better choose some matte or creamy foundation or better go for a good covering powder.
No mother would like his son to date a woman that is too young to have pimps or too old to have as many wrinkles as she does…

2. Eye makeup is simple and gentle for this occasion!

Those cat-eye looks you have conquered his heart months ago will not work with his parents.

Actually, nothing too dramatic or baby-doll-like will work.

The eye makeup is supposed to be very, very precise. What I mean is to wear mascara and to highlight your eye shape. Please, avoid pink and blue and if your eyes are not green, do not choose Reseda or purple, either.

The best idea here is the smokey (light one!) makeup with grey in case the meeting is during the evening and a bit of your brown eye shadows for a lunch.

3. The lipstick can ruin your first meeting with his parents…

The thing with the lipstick is even more significant than everything we have already said.

Well, here is where I cannot give you the precise answer, because in most cases his parents probably will not like any kind of lipstick on your month.

Wondering why? It is just their intuition will speak instead of the words that come out of your lips.

They will always think only about the scenes, when you kiss him with these lips. So, no shimmering, no gloss, no classical red or vanguard plump is ok here. Maybe, peach will save your life and love!

The Effective Makeup Tricks For Those Moments, When You Are Sick

Effective Makeup Tricks When You Are Sick

It can happen to any of us – getting sick in the most inappropriate moment, when you need to look stunning and amazing.

And even if a woman does not have any special occasion, the sickness will definitely spoil her mood, when she look herself in the mirror and see somebody else, but not that glowing appearance she wears everyday!

Don`t worry – we`ve got the right solutions for you.

Here are the effective makeup tricks for those moments, when you are sick and you do not look that well…but as bad as you feel!

1. Minimize the makeup

Yes, instead of the approaches that most women have, when they get sick, we recommend you the opposite.
Better avoid wearing too much makeup, because it just will not look that awesome as it looks, when you are healthy.

The thing is that when you have a cough, your face suffers, too. And the foundation will apply – no matter how good and expensive it is – will appear as you have placed it directly on a sheet of paper!

2. Speaking of foundation…

If you have such, better replace it with a BB or CC cream.

These new innovative products are amazing in general.
Even if you are not sick, you can wear it for your everyday makeup, when you want to minimize the makeup effect, but desires for a more natural look.

Besides, BB and CC creams have rich complex of minerals and vitamins that will heal your skin, while you are taking medical drugs to heal your body!

3. Lots of moisturizer and little powder

That is my favourite personal formula for makeup, when I got sick.
The moisturizer is needed, because your skin gets dry, when you are ill.

And the powder in little quantity will only slightly cover the pimps that might appear – regardless whether you suffer from acne, or not.

4. Pre-treat your lips

The same awful thing happens to your lips – yes, they will get dry and will have bad cracks, too.

So, always pre-treat the lips with some lip balm and then, you can apply the lipstick. Though, do not expect miracles from the balm.

The lips will not be yet ok, till you get healthy enough, so better have light, but not dark lipstick!

5. Balance with clothes

Sometimes, a woman must be wise and to make cheats – especially when she has a case with her appearance.
It`s like with the faults, the sick look can be balanced and compensated with an amazing clothing outfit.

Thus, the attention will be on your body (which will probably lose some weight, when you are sick and this is the only awesome thing) instead of on your face!

Helpful Makeup Tips For Ladies Over 40s

 Makeup Tips For Ladies Over 40s

Some women think that once they hit 40, they almost stop living – or at least in fashion world. 

Maturity, though, should not be confused with oldness, because maturity, itself, has so much charm and charisma to offer than no girl at her 20s can even think about. 

There are, though, certain rules a woman over her 40s should follow – especially when it comes to her appearance and mostly to her makeup style. 

Indeed, there is no place for extra vanguard or too girlish makeup conceptions, but there are other ways you can highlight your vibrant and matured beauty. 
Thanks to the following helpful makeup tips for ladies over 40s you will now find out what you should and what you should not do in your daily or evening makeup routines!

1. Modify and update your makeup kit

There is a big possibility for many makeup and cosmetic products you have used before and were satisfied with not to work anymore. 

Some of them are just made for younger skins, but others are just not appropriate anymore. 
Start reading the labels of the goods you buy and look for signs that they are either ok for all kinds of ages and skin types, or specially tailored for your age.

2. Always begin the makeup routine with faults covering

Do not worry if you have wrinkles and fine lines. 

Simply, hide and cover them. 

And do not blame the age for this task of your makeup routine, because if you recall the past, you will remember that back in the days you were 20-30-years old, pimps were things you used to eliminate with your concealer. 

Things are just changing, but it does not mean your overall life and approach as to maintain your look should be also changed.

3. Bring your glow back to your face!

This is something that we lose after the age of 40, so use the most modern makeup products to restore it. 

Fine facial glow can be achieved with the contemporary makeup products like shimmering eye shadows or proper foundation. 
In all cases stay up to date with the latest makeup innovations and there is a big chance for you to look even better than when you were 32-years old thanks to the newest products on the market!

4. Eyes are yet the accents…

The only difference is that you need to highlight them once you finish with the correction of their shapes. 

Fullness under the eyes, as well as the dark circles, must be on mandatory eliminated before you put any kind of eye shadows. 

Foundation and powder are not the only makeup products that can help you. 

Use the eyeliner to restore your natural eye shape and then apply natural or neutral shades with a classical curve at the edges of your eyes!

5. Never go out without your lipstick

Lips are what a person usually looks at a woman`s face at first. 
And with age, they become cracked and dried. Get yourself an awesome hydrating lipstick with red to peach colour and never go out without it. 

Freshen up yourself every time you think off and look awesome all the time – regardless your age!