Monday, May 6, 2019

Awesome Makeup Ideas To Try This Summer!

Makeup Ideas To Try This Summer

They say summer is ideal for two main things – trying something new and improvising! 

Well, these approaches into having the best summer mood ever could be finely transferred to your makeup style, too! Why not to try something absolutely new in makeup, too? 

Holidays and vacations are ahead, so there is nothing bad in changing yourself for a while, being someone else to relax and get rid of the negative emotions you have hidden deeply in your soul round the entire year! 

Speaking of all of these and making the expectation of summer even more exciting, we want to offer you the following awesome makeup ideas to try this summer!

1. Gold all around you pretty face

It is not the sun and its golden sunrays that make summer so suitable for a golden makeup idea only, but also the reason that this season is the best for parties and parties always come with a fresh and shining air of a golden sense! 

Golden makeup conceptions can vary, but what we really recommend you to try is to put the accent on two main things from your pretty face – the cheeks and the eyes. 

Use more than one single golden shade and make your facial skin glowing and shimmering! 
This makeup is ideal for evening cocktails or informal meetings with the gang, so put the best of your skills and let the entire crowd to face you!

2. Colourful greatness for a better mood

The different shades and nuances on your face might only sound to you as too risky to make of your face a spitting image of a clown.

On the contrary – if you use the right techniques and your aesthetic senses, you can figure it out how to include three colours in a makeup idea. Blue and green and classical summer shades and you can stunningly combine them with extra grey and black smokey makeup or even amazing cheeks in pure peach.
Do not underestimate the purple shades, either, because this nuance seems to be back after a sudden absence recently.

Last, but not least, have in mind that the colourful makeup conception does not refer to your eye shadows and makeup only, you can also try with vibrant lipstick shades like plump and extra red to put the accent on the sexiest part of your face!

3. The fairy in the woods!

This hippie-like trend made a really huge success at most of this year`s spring-summer runaway shows and some of our favourite fashion models have worn it, too!. 

The fairy in the woods have very smooth and deep makeup that at one hand has that strong eye makeup, but very pale and sleek facial skin. 
The lipstick is always nude and the cheeks are not even visible, but the stylish accents on the eyes make you a real fantasy in men`s eyes!

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