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Makeup Ideas for Women over 50

Makeup Ideas for Women over 50

Being over 50 does not mean that you cannot look and feel your very best at any time. As we age our faces change. 

Our eyes become a little droopy and our skin dries out a little bit but these issues can easily be disguised with the right makeup. All you need is some good makeup and the right technique.

Must Haves

As a lady over 50 you have to have the right makeup to really help you look your best. 
There are some items that you absolutely need to get the best look.
- Skin brightener
- A good moisturizer
- Highlighter
- Mascara
- Blush
- Eye lift serum

There are two rules you have to remember. Healthy skin is beautiful skin and you can work with what you got. A lot of women make the mistake of thinking that because they have a few things different with their skin. 

You can improve on what you got.

Start with a clean palette. Clean your skin thoroughly every day but not with harsh soaps. Instead use a moisturizing cleanser. Be sure to moisturize your skin day and night. You also want to use an eye lift serum as well. In most cases it is not the makeup but what you do to your skin before the makeup.
You should also be using a skin brightener to give your skin a bit of a glow. 

You can make dry dull skin look brighter and healthier with a quality skin brightening cream. If you use the skin brightener you may be able to forgo the foundation.

The goal at any age is to use less makeup and still look great. Apply highlighter right above your eyebrows because it will give your eyes a lift. Add some highlighter right under your eyes. This will give your eyes a more wide open look.

Trick With Mascara

To give your eyes a fresh young look apply mascara to the outer lashes of your eyes first and work your way in using less mascara toward your inner eye. 
You can lengthen the outer lashes just a little more than the inner lashes to give the effect of pulling up your eye lid.

Contouring With Just Blush

You do not need an elaborate system to contour your face. Use your highlighter right under your cheek bone and blend well. 
Than use a light blush right on your cheek bones. This will lift your cheeks and give you a younger appearance.

Highlighted Looks – Or Fake Beauty? The Plastic Surgery Question

Highlighted Looks

All you have to do is pick up any beauty magazine to see how people feel about plastic surgery. There is always some news about a celebrity’s “new look” thanks to plastic surgery. 

There are a few things that everyone should consider when they are considering plastic surgery. If it is noticeable that you have had plastic surgery than you are doing it wrong. 

Plastic surgery should be used to enhance the look not completely rearrange the look. There are subtle things that you can do that will give you a youthful look without giving you that “did you see what she did to her face?” look.


Plumping up the lips (not too much) can help give back some of what time has taken from you, of course there is a balance. 
A little filler can go a long way in making you look great but too much and you look like you had too much filler pumped into your lips. A good plastic surgeon is the place you should be headed when you want some filler for your lips. 

This is a loosely regulated industry where some spa’s over the injections it is not the best option when you want to ensure that you are getting a natural look. Go to a professional.


Botox is an easy way to get rid of the lines that make us look older as long as it is done right. It is when it is over-done that there are problems. 
Botox is such a common option that the cost has come down substantially and can be an affordable option for anyone.

Cheeks, Fillers and Lines

Nose jobs used to be the most popular plastic surgery procedure but now cheeks, fillers and getting rid of lines have muscled nose jobs out of the way. 

Basically cheek implants, chin implants and fillers are the new nose jobs. In some cases the changes are temporary and will last up to 6 months in other cases the approach is more permanent. In both cases you should always remember that less is more. 
You want to enhance what you already have and not change your look.

Make Sure

One of the reasons that people fail at their enhancements is because they do not use a professional or they are insistent on having more done then they should. 
Let the professional guide you and you will have a better outcome.

The Appropriate Makeup for a Job Interview

Makeup for a Job Interview

There is one thing you should remember when it comes to the appropriate makeup for a job interview. 

Less is more. Any time you have a job interview you want to look your best but not club ready best. You want to appear conservative and use little makeup in neutral shades so that your makeup is not a distraction.

These tips can help you to look your best without looking over done.

Neutral is the Word

You want to avoid heavy makeup colors or red lips and go for a more neutral natural look to ensure that your job interview is a success. 

It is easy to get the right look when you use the right tools. Of course you want to be sure that your skin is nice and hydrated before you get started so use a good moisturizer. 

Choose your palette not to match your clothing but to match your skin tone. Consider how you will wear your hair for the interview and build your makeup palette around it.

The Palette

You cannot go wrong with neutral shades and earth tones. You do not want to walk into your interview with a dark smoky eye. 

While it may look great it may also be a distraction and because you do not know who will be doing the interview and how they feel about too much makeup in the work place you always want to go with a more conservative look. 

Choose nude lips with a little gloss on top. Use browns and beiges on your eyes. Use mascara not false eyelashes. Stay away from overtly bright colors.

Why no False Eyelashes?

False eyelashes are great because that add that touch of glamour but they can be perceived as being a little too over the top for work. 
You can easily get your lashes in good enough shape for a job interview with mascara.

No Red Lips

Red lips are great for a night on the town but they can be a little shocking during the day and absolutely are not what you would call conservative. 

Stay with a neutral tone on the lip you also want to only use a lipliner that is the same exact color as your lipstick if you use one at all.

Avoid Heavy Eyeliner

You can line your eyes but use a thinner line than you would normally. 
A few adjustments and your makeup will look great!

Choosing the Right Makeup for Your Skin Tone and Face Shape

Choosing the Right Makeup 

Every woman is gifted with a different face shape, whether yours is longer or more heart-shaped, there are many different shapes in the world. 

When you’re doing your makeup it is important that you choose the right items not only for your face shape but for your skin tone as well. 
It is essential to make sure that you look your best.

Heart Face Shape

Women with a heart shaped face generally have a narrow chin and a wider forehead, much like Reese Witherspoon. 

When you’re doing your makeup you’ll want to stray away from bringing too much attention to your chin and cheekbones. Instead, choose to focus on your lips and your eyes. 
Choosing the right bright lipstick and adding a pop of color to your cheeks can help to make your face appear fuller. Rosy tones are preferable for women of all different skin tones.

Round Face Shape

If you have a rounder face you’ll have a forehead and a lower face that are equal in width and extremely prominent cheek bones much like Kirsten Dunst. The main objective for women with a round face is to make sure that they add definition in all the right places. This can easily be done with the help of a bronzer that is relatable to your skin tone so that it looks natural and sun kissed. For darker complexions choose a deeper brown and paler complexions can rely on a softer brown.

Square Face Shape

Much like Jennifer Garner, if you have a square face you’ll also have severe angles with your jawline and your hairline. 

Softening your angular features is what will help you to look more feminine and with the right highlighting makeup items, you can add the perfect feminine glow. Rosy toned blushes are preferable for lighter complexions and a more golden highlighter is great for darker complexions.

Oval Face Shape

If you’ve noticed that you’re working with a longer face with a forehead and lower face of the same width, you may have a face shape like Jessica Alba. 

It is essential that you cut down on the length of your face by focusing on horizontal makeup tricks such as contouring. You can choose a rosy or a bronzy blush and make sure that you apply it horizontally to your face. This will helps to define your eyes, lips, and your cheeks which will draw the attention away from a longer face.

Airbrush Makeup System: How it Works

Airbrush Makeup System

Are you looking for a flawless foundation look that covers all your blemishes, but still looks natural? 

Applying liquid foundations traditionally can leave your makeup looking caked on. 
However, an airbrush makeup system is specifically designed to be the solution to all of your problems. 

If you want a makeup look that is natural, flawless and looks like you stepped out of eth pages of a beauty magazine, you need to learn about how an airbrush makeup system works. 

Here are the basics about airbrush makeup:

Smooth Application

One of the biggest reasons why women choose to use an airbrush makeup is for smooth application. They want the makeup to be applied seamlessly and to not leave behind a caked on finish. 

When makeup is caked onto your face, it leaves your pores clogged and can result in blemishes and pimples. 
If you want smooth application of your makeup to be possible, airbrush makeup is the best option.

How Does it Work?

Using an airbrush makeup system to apply foundation allows you to use a small brush that is easy to grip. 

This small brush allows you to apply the makeup to your face using low pressure in a way that blends flawlessly and lets the true beauty of your natural skin to shine through. 

You will have coverage for all of your blemishes and imperfections, but the makeup that is applied will look flawless and seamlessly blend. 
It is even possible to use many makeup airbrush systems to dry your face after you have applied the makeup using the air setting.


If you have sensitive skin that easily breaks out, it might be a good idea to invest in airbrush makeup. This type of makeup system is designed for people of all skin types, but is especially beneficial for women that have trouble or blemished skin. 

Most makeup that is used in airbrush systems are designed to be water based. This means that they are ideal for sensitive skin types. 
They are applied gently and do not cause irritation. Many of the different types of makeup that are used with airbrush systems do not even contain polymers. This means that they are especially good for the skin.

If you want to have flawless skin that looks natural and is blemish free, it might be time to invest in an airbrush makeup system. 

Once you have the brush, you can choose from a variety of airbrush makeup types that can be applied using this makeup tool. Your makeup will look professionally applied at all times.

The Most Fabulous Organic Makeup Products

Fabulous Organic Makeup Products

It is quite difficult to say which product is really organic and which is not. 

You need to carefully read the labels for it. It is quite a time consuming process to surf the internet for the best organic makeup products. 

Therefore, here is a list of the most fabulous organic makeup products that we have compiled for you:

1. Living Nature Foundation: 

Living Nature is a loved New Zealand brand of organic makeup products. 

They are known to use 100 % natural ingredients in their products. The organic makeup products of Living Nature do not contain synthetic preservatives or chemicals. 

The Living Nature Foundation is a great all-natural liquid foundation. 
It covers perfectly and gives your skin a natural and beautiful glow. You can wear it both during the day and night.

2. Lip Balms and Lipsticks by Living Nature: 

 ‘Summer rain’ and ‘Bloom’ are two best-selling colors of lips sticks and lip balms manufactured by Living Nature. They have an array of lip balms and lipsticks. 
Whatever color you choose, your lips would stay moist and the color would stay for a long time. They don’t have any taste and that is a huge advantage.

3. Physician’s Formula BB Cream: 

 The organic makeup products of Physician Formula are made of 80 % organic ingredients. 

The products of Physician Formula are not only 100 % natural, but are also very affordable. Their products can be found anywhere. 
The BB Cream of Physician’s Formula is made with all-natural ingredients. The BB cream also contains added minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. The cream is easy to spread and it gives you a perfect look.

4. Physician’s Formula 100 % Natural Origin Mascara: 

A nice mascara can greatly enhance your look. Mascara is one of the essentials of great makeup. The Physician’s Formula 100 % Natural Origin Mascara is completely free of chemical solvents. It uses 100 % natural color pigments, natural preservatives and natural biopolymers. You can go for either regular or lash boosting varieties, depending on the kind of makeup you want.

5. Sephora Natural and Organic Bite Beauty Matte Cream Lip Crayons: 

Sephora is one of the most well-known and famous makeup companies which have a wide range of natural and organic makeup products. The collection of Bite Beauty Matte Cream Lip Crayons is available in 12 gorgeous shades. The lip colors do not contain sulfates, parabens or phthalates. They are the best organic makeup product for your lips.

Stunning Natural Wedding Makeup Looks for Brides

Stunning Natural Wedding Makeup Looks

Your wedding day is right around the corner and you are ready! 
You have the dress, the bridesmaids, the veil, the cake and food, and of course the groom. 

But do you know what bridal makeup you want to wear for your big day? 
Natural wedding makeup is not only classy and beautiful, but also becoming increasingly popular with brides. 

Keeping a natural look to your face when walking down the aisle is beautiful and will likely make your groom look twice as it may not be your everyday look.

Beautiful Berry

To achieve a natural bridal makeup that will go with everything, subtly line your lids, apply a soft blush, and use a berry colored lipstick for a flashy pop. 

This look never goes out of style and is easy to apply without feeling as though you need to rush. 
Plus it is easy to touch up during the wedding to keep your makeup looking camera ready for all the amazing photos you will have taken.

Ethereal Pinks

For a more ethereal look that will certainly catch your groom’s eye while still using natural bridal makeup, use a pale pink on your lips and lids then top your lids with a brown shadow. 

Then simply use a champagne color on the inner corner of your eyes to really make them look surreal. 
This is a beautiful look and will ensure that your eyes pop in your photos as well.


If you want a more dramatic look, line your eyes on the top and bottom, then apply a black shadow to the lid for a smoky look. 

Then add a nude gloss rather than a lipstick as well as contour and highlight your face and you are ready to walk down the aisle. 
Not only is this more dramatic in appearance, but is a classic natural bridal makeup.

Light Pinks

Pink provides a natural bridal makeup that is not only youthful but gorgeous. 

Line your eyes on the top and bottom as well as through your lash line. 
Then use a light pink shadow for your eyes, peach blush on the apples of your cheeks, and a dusty rose lipstick on your lips. 

This look is incredibly natural and will make you look slightly younger.

Earth Tones

Earth tones are also a wonderful choice for natural bridal makeup as they look natural on just about everyone. 
Choose your best earth tones for your eyes, cheeks, and lash line, then top the look off with a rosy red lipstick for a classic look. 

Not only is this a beautifully classic choice but easy to fix throughout your wedding day.

“Marriage is a mosaic you build with your spouse. Millions of tiny moments that create your love story.” Jennifer Smith