Monday, May 6, 2019

Make Up Tips For Brown Eyes

Brown Eyes

Eye color is an important component in the process of make up application. 
The color of your eyes will go a long way towards helping you decide what type of make up you have to wear and the color. 

Many a times if you do not consider the color of your eyes when wearing make up you may end up looking bad. It does not matter the color of your eyes, black, grey, blue, brown, hazel or green there are products and make up tips for you that will make you look absolutely gorgeous.

Make up tips for brown eyes 

Can be hard to find. The first thing to put into consideration is the colors that will match with brown eyes. 
To bring out the eyes experts recommend you apply eye shadow with a metallic tinge. The colour does not matter much as any will bring out the beauty in your eyes. 

You may on the other hand have brown eyes that are a little bit much more natural. In such a case you may consider going with a more natural shade such as brown or peach. 
Yopu can further complement this by applying eye liner with the same colour.

Another make up tip for brown eyes  

Is through the use of white eye liner. You may be among the many who consider white eye liner a no go zone. 

However it can be used perfectly to complement brown eyes if combined with some metallic tones. The white will highlight your eyes, making them stand out.
You can also resort to using deep plum eyeliner to bring out a feeling of adventure. Among all the colors available purple goes beautifully with brown eyes. This will make your yes pop out and give you a royal appearance.

Apart from selecting the right colour of eye shadow you also have to know how to appl it the proper way. First of all you have to apply the primer though this is not necessary. 
After that you then apply a base coat of color. This is where you select the color that will best suit your mood and the kind of feeling you want to create. 

After that you can apply a crease` color of your choice and then using a blender brush gently blend the two colors to the desired hue. 

You can then add the highlight color. This is the most important part of the process as it at this point that the whole look is pulled together.

After this if need be you can apply an eye liner. This will however depend on the look you want to pull. 

For a natural look this will not be necessary. You should consider using a bronze, copper or navy blue eye liner. You can also create a cute eye effect by pulling out the eye liner towards the end.
Lastly you can choose to apply mascara in two coats and if need be t the bottom too. 

There are many make up tips for brown eyes available and you cab choose the most appropriate one depending on your situation.

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