Monday, May 6, 2019

The Worst Makeup Mistakes You Might Be Still Doing

Worst Makeup Mistakes

When you were a young woman, probably your first steps in makeup were not that successful as today.

However, with time females get experienced enough to put her makeup on every morning and every time before going out as it is a general routine like breathing or feeding on the table.

Still, a research has shown that even the most experienced girl or woman in makeup tend to make errors that can be even referred to the skills of a little and non-aware in fashion yet girl.

So better check out the worst mistakes you might be still doing right away and simply stop doing them!

1.Wrong Selection of Shades for Complexion

Whether it is your makeup base, or the concealer you use for covering the blemishes and little wrinkles, as well as the foundation, the right shade selection is a must.

Be extremely aware with the purchasing of these products, because they are the key and the general elements of your final makeup.
So, keep in mind that your foundation needs to be as close to your natural facial nuance as you can find, while the concealer on the other side – if you put it to cover the tired eye zone – must be darker.

2.Applying Makeup Products on Dry Skin

Whatever you apply on your dehydrated and not prepared with some solid moisturizing skin it will look like hell on your face.
It`s not only about putting some hydrating cream before the foundation, but it is also hydrate the eyelids, if you love wearing eye shadows and want them to appear for longer.

Also, such a makeup approach makes your face look too faked.

3.Wearing Blue Makeup on Eyes

Ok, you might be admiring blue eyes very much, but putting blue makeup will not make your eyes blue. On the contrary – blue eye shadows wok with very few people and usually such a makeup conception ends up with other final effect – “the physically abused girl”.

If you like this palette, better replace it with purple or green. And if you still prefer the blue one, mix it with smokey makeup for a more normal final effect.

4.Lip Plumping

Old-fashioned retro way to plump your lips with an eye liner in pink is a total disaster.

If your lips are too thin, get yourself an awesome gloss with plumping effect or simply go for a brighter colour, which will help you to compensate the “volume” with the “artistic colourful side” of your lips.
Still, keep in mind that this method is ok, but to apply it you need to be a real pro, because every wrong move leads to wrong face at all!

5.Wearing Glitter 24/7

Glitter is cool, but only for a night out and mostly – in dark places like a disco.

This means that you need to forget about wearing glossy eye shadows at work and avoid them in formal events and occasions, too, where the classy line can be better emphasized with common shades like green and brown.

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