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Make Up Tips For Blue Eyes

Make Up Tips For Blue Eyes

Each individual is different from the next one in many aspects. Ion terms of physical appearance, or differences or unique features are what will define for us what make up we can use in order to look forward. 
As most beauticians recommend, make should complement your natural looks or it should make your uniqueness stand out. So before you undertake any process to make yourself look more beautiful you have to put this in mind. 

You have to first of all research and find out which options among the ones available are suitable for your case. Not putting this into consideration may make you end up looking not so good.

Among the physical features that will determine what to use for make up are your eyes. Depending on the color of your eyes, you will be able to know which type of make up to use. To bring out the best of your eye color you therefore need to choose wisely what make up you use. If you have blue eyes, there are plenty of documented make up tips for blue eyes. Most of these have been recommended by expert beauticians and should therefore work for you if you follow the instructions to the letter.

First thing you have to consider is the right choice of color. 

Blue eyes will not go with just any color. One advantage of blue is that it is such a clam color and you will therefore not need to apply plenty of different colored eye shadow to bring out the color of your eyes. Just using light colors will go a long way towards making your eyes stand out.

Matte shadow is an option recommended by beauticians for you if you do not want to apply a shadow that is not sheer. This will come in handy if you are going to the office and will not look very distinct on your face. In comparison if you are going out you may decide to add some shimmer on it.

One other make up tip for blue eyes is to try as much as possible to avoid blue eye shadows. 

This is so because your eyes are blue and it will not complement your look. You can however work your way around this by wearing blue eye shadows if the shade is different from that of your eyes. For example you can apply navy blue eye shadow if your eyes are baby blue.

Among the most widely used make up tips for blue eyes is the ability to layer a lot of different colours on. For instance if you decide to go with sheer, instead of applying a single shade you can try and apply two different sheer layers. For instance you can try a copper tone and a light brown tone. These would look great with your blue eyes.

Instead of using the ordinary black eyeliner you can decide and go for navy blue eyeliner for your blue eyes. 

Navy blue eyeliner will bring out in full force the beauty of your eyes.

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