Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Make Quilt Kits for Others

Make Quilt Kits for Others

As the holidays approach and we are all trying to think of unique gifts for friends and family, quilters have the creative edge.
Even skipping over the obvious gift of a quilt, quilted vest, or quilted home accessory, quilters can give a truly unique gift.

How about giving quilting kits for holidays and other gift-giving occasions?

Chances are that friends and family have been admiring your work and have even stated they wish they could quilt. Those are the people who would love to receive your quilting kit this year. Putting together a quilting kit is not hard and it will allow you to share your craft with others.

First, remember to keep your quilting kits simple. A throw pillow, a wall hanging, table runner or placemats are a good start.

Next, pick your designs. Be sure to keep them pretty basic so beginners will not easily be discouraged. Make a copy of the finished design or quilt block so it can be used as a check point throughout the project.

Cut and label the pieces of fabric needed to complete the project. Remember to include directions. Either handwrite them or type them. Remember to include information about the batting unless you plan to include it in your kit as well.

Remember to include all the necessary notions in your quilting kit: a small pair of scissors, coordinating threads and a couple of needles. Your recipient will be delighted!

Quilted oranments, tree skirts and table runners make nice quilting kits. Find your favorite designs and make holiday quilting kits for your friends.

For friends who have some quilting skills, you could assemble kits to make quilted clothing items or larger projects.

If you are part of a quilting club that is looking for a fundraiser, creating quilting kits would be ideal. Quilting kits encourage others to learn the craft and give a sense of satisfaction upon completion. The fundraiser could be year around since many of the projects could be completed and be given as gifts or holiday ornaments themselves. Keep skill levels in mind when making quilting kits: beginner, intermediate and experienced.

If your club is making quilting kits for a fundraiser, keep in mind to price the kits according to the level of difficulty for which they are designed and on the contents inside the kit. A beginner kit will cost less than a quilting kit because it will not be as complex and detailed. Complex designs will involve more work in putting the quilting kit together. More supplies will also be needed to complete it…which in turn means more cutting of pieces.

Packaging your quilting kits is simple. Use resealable plastic bags to hold the items. Include a copy of the finished product or of the quilt block template. Don’t forget detailed instructions, too! Add your phone number to the instructions in case your friend runs across something they don’t understand. Zip the plastic bag closed and your quilting kit is complete!

If you want to give something a little more than your quilting kit, tuck it inside a personalized tote bag that will be handy for carrying along the project (and future projects). Personalize the tote bag yourself with appliqué, rhinestones, fabric paints or embroidery (or a combination of them all). You may also take the bag to a local embroiderer for a custom monogram or personalization.

You may soon find that your quilting kits are the hit of the holiday season and don’t be surprised if friends and family come to request your quilting kits each year!

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