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Applying Eye Shadow - Eye Shadow Application Tips

Eye Shadow Application Tips

Your eyes are the target of your face, take care during applying eye shadow so as to adulate your eye shape and color.

Eye shadow is perchance the most beloved cosmetic of creative makeup artists. Most eye shadows presently come in a powder form Z they are easy to apply and are able to be smudged if needed to get particular looks.
In specific styles like Goth and Punk dark eye shadow is used extensively to attain a darker heavier look.

A lot of people use eye shadow to be more beautiful but it is also used in plays and other forms of theater to make the eyes stand out even to the point of being ridiculous.
The prime step in applying the eyeshadow is to use a neutral concealer which matches your skin shade on the eyelid.

Apply eye shadow to the outer corner of the eyelid and amplify it up.

Smudge silver eye shadow to rekindle droopy eyes. Apply the medium tone on the lower lid and combine it into your base shade.
A third color may also be extred along the lash line and outer corner of the eyes as an intonation to create the depth in eyes.

Light shades make the eyes look bigger. Sweep a light eye shadow above the lid and shade the outer corners of the lid with a darker tone. This helps in escalating the color.

Powder eye shadows come in singles or color co-ordinated sets.

Shimmering eye shadow can be used for evening makeup. Never divide your eye makeup since it can pass infections. Combine shadow by stroking the lid mildly with an eye shadow brush. Don’t use your finger, you could wipe off the shadow fully.
Use a cosmetic puff and a little pressed powder to tone down heavy shadow.

If you get shadow in your eyes, flush them gently with tepid water. Use concealer one shade lighter than your skin at the inner corner of the lids and the sides of your nose and mix it well.

Use a matte medium to dark eyeshadow and stroke it outward and little upward from middle of the lid to its outer half.

Use the eyeliner a bit in from the inner corner of the eye and make the line diminutioning up and out a bit past the outer corner of the eyes.

Applying Eye Shadow Tips

1. Use a medium-toned shade to coat your lower lids.
2. Use a cosmetic puff and a little pressed powder to shade down heavy shadow.
3. Choose a medium or dark shadow color to line your eyes.
4. Use a small, flat, angled brush for the application.
5. Stroke the brush over the eye shadow
6. Only use cream eyeshadows that do not cause creasing upon application.
7. Don’t suit your shadow with your eyes.
8. Apply concealer one shade lighter than your skin at the inner corner of the lid.

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