Monday, May 6, 2019

Best Makeup Tips and Ideas for Your Hot Date!!!

Makeup Tips and Ideas for Your Hot Date

Looking for your upcoming hot date?

Must be more than just trilled and excited about it! Meanwhile, we are completely sure that you also worry about your appearance.
It is logical that you want to show the best of you and that you want to look as fabulous as never before, but be aware – too much is not always too good! On the contrary – balance with the brilliance and the colours attentively.

Otherwise, you will just look like a baby doll and this is definitely not a good impression. Take a look at our amazing tips and ideas for your hot date!

1.Accent on the lips!

Of course, you need to put the accent on your lips, but it does not mean to make your entire face nude and to apply extra bright lipstick.

Simply, improve your skin complexion with some really good foundation and use some blush to make your face as cute as a girl`s one.
Then, choose gloss in peach or pink if the guy in front of you is shy. If he is confident and very masculine, rely on the deep nuances for your lips – such as classy red or vanguard purple!

2.Luminous face to adore!

Luminous face is something that your date will definitely observe immediately.

Moreover – such a makeup will focus his attention right on your face and he will look at you in the eyes in such a romantic way. To achieve this effect, show your real skin – do not go for a darker shade and do not exceed with the concealer or the makeup base.

Better apply some natural foundation and then, use your favourite radiant powder with little luminous pieces! As to the eyes, cover the eyelids with some grey, silver or golden eye shadows and finish the makeup with nude lipstick or pinky gloss.

3.The naive cute girl

For such a makeup idea, we strongly recommend you to get peach nuances on your face.

Put accents with some pink and very light red accents! Last, but not least, apply eye liner on your eyes to look yet a female, but not a real schoolgirl. If you need to cover the blemishes with effective concealer or simply use your BB cream to make your baby-like face look clean and faultless.

4.The sexy independent woman

This woman makeup tip goes with dark shades for the eyes, as well as with ultra deep lipstick either in dark pink, or even in brown.
Pay attention on the eyes makeup and choose something of the following: smokey eye shadows, green with blue ombre style or even better – vanguard single colour in radiant nuance like purple, orange or even turquoise.

5.Additional tips

When you choose your best makeup idea for the hot date, consider its level of colours and then proceed with the selection of accessories.

In case you want to go for something more natural, you can adorn your appearance with more gems and even scarf or hat. Though, if your makeup is quite strong, have no accessories, but a sexier dress instead.

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