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Makeup Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Makeup Tips and Tricks for Beginners

This article is a beginners guide to Makeup tips and tricks. Some of these tips might be too basic for you and you already know them but for someone who is completely new to makeup, these makeup tips can be very helpful.

Skin types and problems

For new makeup users the whole thing can seem overwhelming . So lets break things down a bit. First you need to know the type of skin you have.

Is it oily or dry? Maybe you’re one of many that have a combination with oily skin around the nose and center of the face while the rest of the skin is dry?
This knowledge won’t just affect the type of makeup you use but how you take care of your skin.

Well cared for skin is the basis for all forms of makeup. Oily skin is prone to acne while dry skin tends to have rough patches.

Unhappily combination skin has both of these problems. You will find hundreds of products out there for each skin type. You should never try to use bar or body soap on your face, it needs something a little milder.

Moisturizers and Foundations

Now to the fun part of your makeup tricks and tips for beginners. Start by putting on your favorite moisturizer with an SPF. Foundation sticks are very popular right now though you can use cremes, liquids or powders. Use your skin tone as a guide for color.

How To Apply Foundation and Concealer

Using your foundation draw thick lines down your cheekbones, above your brows and along your nose and blend it with your fingers.

Concealer is next.
This product is used to hide redness and under eye circles. The main thing here is to use a green concealer to hide redness and zits with a yellow one for under eyes.
Always use a brush to apply concealer and if you get too much on just dot on a little foundation to take some of the color out.

A really easy way to slim a round face is to use an eyebrow stick to make your eyebrows appear thicker and more angular than normal.

Now set all of it with a loose powder, lightly there, and we’re ready for the blush.

Putting On Blush:On young women a cream style blush helps to give a healthy glow. Apply it to the apple of the cheek and blend it upward towards the temples.
If you get to much on just apply a little foundation over it to calm down the color.

Eye Shadow and Mascara Basics

Next is eye shadow, the color should reflect your skin tone or eye color, never your outfit.
Apply the lightest color first all the way from the upper lashes to the brow bone.

Next use your medium color in the fold area and lastly the darkest color goes on top.

You can apply a lose powder under your eyes before adding color, this lets you easily brush the color off if any of it falls.

Try applying mascara horizontally to the upper lashes and vertically to the lower ones.
Use a small lash brush to remove any clumps.

Perfect Lips

Now for the lips, if they’re dry or chapped start by buffing them with a washcloth. Also running a piece of ice over the lips keeps gloss on longer.

Next apply color tinted chap stick, gloss or lipstick by filling in the lips.
Lastly is the lip liner, it’s color should be a close match for the color on your lips. Start at the corners and lastly do the edges. Use your fingers to smudge the edges for a soft look.

There you have it, now stand back and enjoy your new adult look.

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