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Eyebrow for your Makeup

Eyebrow Makeup

Eyebrows are one of our most eloquent facial features. Applying a natural eyebrow shape is using a hard, tense, short brush and working with colorations instead of pencils.

Makeup for the eyebrow comprises of powder or pencil. Pencils provide a less natural look to the brow.
Using a pencil, you’re more likely to get a harsh line in place of the soft look you want to achieve.

The eyebrow should start precisely above the inner corner of your eye. The loftiest point should be just a little beyond the outer corner of the iris.
The eyebrow should end at the outer corner of your eye.

Eyebrows obliqued upwards make you look angry, so be careful not to take off too much at the outer corners. Previously tweezing your brows, you must make your skin by wiping the brow area with a cotton ball soaked in astringent.

The cooling effect deaden the skin for sometime and thus, you do not feel much pain. Squeeze the tweezers at 45 degrees and pluck the stray hairs below the brow line in the direction of the hair growth.

Comb the hairs upwards and outwards. This will also help give you a wide-eyed look. Then somewhat slick them with clear gel to hold the shape in place. It is necessary to use the correct shade for your brows.

Fair women may apply blonde shades while olive colored women should select tawny or brown. Dark African-American women may use gray shades.
Brush the brows upward before picking so that you have a clear idea of the lower eyebrow line.

Always pluck eyebrow hairs in the direction that the hair grows. This step is less painful and the hairs will regrow flat. Tweeze one hair at a time, initialising at the inside (near the nose) and working your way out. Don’t over pluck. Take one row of hairs off at a time and study the eyebrows before deciding if another row needs to come off.

Do not apply your brow color, however it is pencil or powder, more than one-quarter inch away from where the natural hair growth hampers.
The best approach is to just wax the hairs that are not needed and tweeze to define the shape of the eyebrow. Neglect creating a straightness in your eyebrows by not tweezing above the eyebrow. Eyebrow plucking is a craft. Plucking can make your eyes look larger and give your face a neat, polished look.

Eyebrow plucking should perfectly be timed just prior hitting the sack as the sleep time which follows allows any subsequent redness to disappear overnight. Eyebrow plucking to help you get beautiful eyebrows.

The perfect eyebrow begins above the inside corner of your eye , and ends at the outside corner, above your eyelashes. There are colored eyebrow gels and brow tints available in the market, which help tone-up scanty, light-colored eyebrows and give them a thicker look, much like mascara.

Eyebrow Make Up Tips

1. Tweeze only the hairs underneath your brows to shape them.
2. Tweezing the brows after the shower is much easier and less painful.
3. Fill the gaps with short strokes of the pencil.
4. Groom the eyebrows using a clear eyebrow gel and an eyebrow brush.
5. Eyebrow color should be two shades darker than your hair color.
6. Always pluck eyebrow hairs in the direction that the hair grows.
7. Eyebrow plucking to help you achieve beautiful eyebrows

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