Monday, May 6, 2019

Makeup Products That Should Never Leave Your Woman`s Bag!

Makeup Products That Should Never Leave Woman`s Bag

They say you can find anything in a woman`s bag and it is not a secret to anyone that it is a real mess in this place. 

Among all those handkerchiefs, purses, smartphone and other modern devices, there must be, though, a certain place for your makeup tools. 

Getting dressed and beautified before work is enough to keep yourself fresh and daisy during the entire day, so having some tools and products at hand is always a must.

1. A fancy mirror with some cotton

Wearing these two things are the first tools you need to put in your bag. 
Even though it is small, do not leave your house without the magical mirror! Incidents, splits and even tears from happiness can happen all the time and you should be always prepared to remove the blurred makeup from your face – mostly from your eyes!

2. Foundation + powder

It is not even necessary to wear your most luxurious and expensive foundation or the large professional powder you have bought from your professional makeup stylist. 

A compact set of powder and foundation will remove the faults in your makeup during the busy day. Though, do not forget that your bag`s foundation and powder should correspond to the nuances and shades to your home set of these! 

Otherwise, when you apply numerous colours on your face, you will look like a painting made by a painter in a drunk condition!

3. Lipstick and some lip balm

Both are fine to make your lips look awesome during the whole day, but only if they come together. Put some lip balm every time you think off to moisturize the lips and keep the cracks away. 

The lipstick is in your pocket for any kind of emergency situation, when you have to freshen up yourself and conquer another goal from your routines! 
Besides, you can never know what an awesome new guy you can meet in the elevator, right?

4. Tweezers

Ok, your office might not be the best place for regular cosmetic procedures of your face, but there are many days at work, when there`s nothing to do, but you need to be there. 

Making your eyebrows before a big meeting or a sudden date appointment is also an urgent situation, when the tweezers might be quite needed!

5. A universal brush

Get a brush that will suit both – the procedure for more glowing cheeks and the recovery of your office eye makeup. 

You can try a compact folding brush that can become a brush for the powder and a brush for the eye shadows at once. 
Also, keep the brush in a little plastic pocket or a box to avoid gathering too many bacteria that will eventually will be put on your face, while refreshing your makeup!

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