Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Highlighted Looks – Or Fake Beauty? The Plastic Surgery Question

Highlighted Looks

All you have to do is pick up any beauty magazine to see how people feel about plastic surgery. There is always some news about a celebrity’s “new look” thanks to plastic surgery. 

There are a few things that everyone should consider when they are considering plastic surgery. If it is noticeable that you have had plastic surgery than you are doing it wrong. 

Plastic surgery should be used to enhance the look not completely rearrange the look. There are subtle things that you can do that will give you a youthful look without giving you that “did you see what she did to her face?” look.


Plumping up the lips (not too much) can help give back some of what time has taken from you, of course there is a balance. 
A little filler can go a long way in making you look great but too much and you look like you had too much filler pumped into your lips. A good plastic surgeon is the place you should be headed when you want some filler for your lips. 

This is a loosely regulated industry where some spa’s over the injections it is not the best option when you want to ensure that you are getting a natural look. Go to a professional.


Botox is an easy way to get rid of the lines that make us look older as long as it is done right. It is when it is over-done that there are problems. 
Botox is such a common option that the cost has come down substantially and can be an affordable option for anyone.

Cheeks, Fillers and Lines

Nose jobs used to be the most popular plastic surgery procedure but now cheeks, fillers and getting rid of lines have muscled nose jobs out of the way. 

Basically cheek implants, chin implants and fillers are the new nose jobs. In some cases the changes are temporary and will last up to 6 months in other cases the approach is more permanent. In both cases you should always remember that less is more. 
You want to enhance what you already have and not change your look.

Make Sure

One of the reasons that people fail at their enhancements is because they do not use a professional or they are insistent on having more done then they should. 
Let the professional guide you and you will have a better outcome.

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