Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Eye Make Up Tips for Brown Eyes

Eye Make Up Tips for Brown Eyes

Did you know that brown is the most dominant eye color? All humans, no matter what color their parents’ eyes are, could potentially have brown eyes. Over half the world’s population has brown eyes. In fact, in some parts of the world, brown is the only iris color anyone has.

So if you’re among the ranks of this super popular eye color, you may be wondering how to make your brown eyes stand out. How can you make your eyes seem alluring and sexy even when there seem to be so many others out there like you?

Here are some make up tips for brown eyes that will really help set you apart!

Believe it or not, one of the best make up tips for brown eyes is to wear more brown. The eye shadow color that often ends up looking the best on brown-eyed girls is actually brown. Earth tones like camel, taupe, cinnamon and terra cotta really help draw attention to brown eyes and make them look out of this world.

If this sounds a little boring to you, use these make up tips for brown eyes to look for shadows with an iridescent feel or a slightly shimmery sheen.

Use a dark nude base like champagne over your whole eyelid, then add in a grassy green shadow in the crease to create an autumn-like feeling that looks beautiful any time of year. You can then layer gold or pink from the brow bone to the lash line.

Both colors are also nice choices with this combination of colors and enhance the green even more.

For evening, make up tips for brown eyes tell us purple is the way to go. Whether you choose a seductive, velvety plum or a rock-and-roll, shimmery violet, purple almost always draws attention to brown’s deeper pigments but make the whites of the eyes stand out at the same time.

When matched with a grey or deep purple liner and mascara, you get an effect that is literally eye popping!

What are some make up tips for brown eyes to avoid? As far as color goes, there isn’t much browns can’t wear. However, white and yellow can both make pupils appear to be smaller and narrower.

Also, for a great daytime look, make up tips for brown eyes advises us to try brown liner and mascara instead of the harsher black.

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