Monday, May 6, 2019

Eyebrow Fills

Eyebrow Fills

Provided that you have already plucked your brows into the ideal shape, filling it up completes the effect of giving it a full, stylized look. While the filling may vary in order to suit different purposes or to achieve varying effects, there are, however, some staples which are applicable to every technique. Find out the natural line of your brow, and also the gaps which may need particular attention, by combing your brows with the use of an eyebrow brush or a toothbrush. Follow the natural path at which the hair strand grows.

Before actually filling the brows, prep them up by grooming them with a mascara brush, and then move loose strands into place.

The best pencil to go with is one which has a soft tip, with a smooth and light texture, and a dry finish. This lends it ease and manageability in application, without leaving broad strokes on the brows for a natural look.

Avoid overdoing the strokes; brows which look like they’ve been deliberately penciled on instead of filled in look fake and slightly unpleasant; do your best to economize on the filling in the hairs, as you can only fake volume up to a certain extent.

For those with thicker brows, use a sharp eyebrow pencil, and with light strokes, add some volume to the thinner areas for a more even look.

Upon application, make your way from the center of the brow, and then stroke it outward towards the tip, then start again at the center for a fresh stroke. Take care not to fill in too close to the inner brow, as this would give the appearance that the brows are converging when viewed at a distance. Apply light pressure and do short strokes between the hair strands; for stronger color and definition on the underside of the brows, apply more pressure on the strokes.

Since most pencil tips usually leave bolder colors, it is better to start with light swatches, adjusting the pressure as you go along. In case you inadvertently apply too much color, dampen the area with a cotton bud which is lightly dipped in makeup remover.

Finally, use a brow brush to tone down the color of the brow, and also to tidy it up. If you would like a little shape to hold it with, light applications of hairspray on the brush right before combing the strands will do the trick.

Combining the benefits of the eyebrow pencil and powder filler would help in avoiding the mistake of filling in too much color than necessary.

Eyebrows which are overly prominent lend the eyes an angry or domineering look, to say the least. The pencil is also pretty effective in covering up the bald spots, or in extending the line so that they would have a better overall effect in framing the eyes. The pencil gives the brow definition, while powder would give it a subtle, shaded, and pleasantly diffused appearance. Shape the brow first with powder, before putting in finishing touches with the pencil.

As a final touch, brush the strands back into their places with the use of an eyebrow brush, by doing upward strokes on it. This will realign the strands into their natural places; the brush will also diffuse the shading effect of the pencil.

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